Camera app is installed, but there's no camera icon

Hi there,

I just installed Fairphone Open and updated to 18.01.01. Everything’s working well, except that there’s no camera icon either on my home screen or in the app drawer (as in: the thing you get when you press the middle icon at the bottom of the home screen, the one with six dots - that should contain all apps right?).

That said, the camera is installed. For example, when I can upload an image in Firefox, I can select Camera as an option, and can then use that to take a picture.

Any idea how I can get the icon?

Perhaps you can try by installing another camera app for instance Open Camera.

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Thanks Lidwien, that works as a stopgap measure :slight_smile: I would prefer to be able to use the one already installed, though :slight_smile:

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It might be disabled. Go to SettingsApps → Search for Camera → Check if it’s disabled (you’ll see a big ENABLE button on top).

Checked that, but it’s enabled :slight_smile: (Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to start it from Firefox either, I presume.)

What sometimes helps with odd issues is clearing the app’s cache and/or data (also in Settings -> Apps).


(I don’t know: some core functionaloties are sometimes duplicated.)

If you can open it with the Camera side button, then it’s a fault of the launcher. Try what @paulakreuzer said and after that reset your phone (as in power off-power on, not as in wipe)


Hmm, for some reason the cache and app data clearing buttons are not present. This might be related to there not being anything yet, seeing as it’s a fresh install on a new phone.

I can open it with the camera side button, now that you mention it, so it’s probably a launcher issue. Just not sure what to do about that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe something went wrong when installing the OS and the Camera App. Try reinstalling the OS.


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