Camera App Crashes all the time

I’m using PF3 in the newest version (Android 9 - may 5th 2020)
my camera app Version is 2.0.002 (04211500-00)

My main camera is pixel app ( Pixel camera app / Google Camera Port - #42 by Sonstwer ), i also have Open Camera installed.
Both are working fine (though i mainly use Pixel camera)

As soon as i open the regular camera app it crashes as soon as it starts
(it shows me a camera image for half a second and then ends the app, the time isn’t enough to enter the settings menu, sometimes i am able to switch to the front camera though.

I tried deactivating this camera app and reactivating it, i also cleared the cache as proposed here

i don’t know what’s wrong with it, certainly a new behaviour.
i haven’t tried uninstalling both other camera apps yet in order to test if it’s their fault.
Any suggestions?

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