Camera app crashed while recording a video

as mentioned above my camera app crashed during recording a video. Maybe it was caused by a full external sd-card or anything else.

My main problem is that there’s a …mp4.tmp video file left i’d like to recover. Is there any way to get it working?

I used the latest fp os version + standard (google?) camera app

If you transfer this file to your computer, has it any file size or is the file size zero?

it’s a got a pretty big file size (so i suppose there’s content in it - as is was a pretty long one)

Promising. If you have a working video file recorded with presumably the same settings as a reference, the internet claims repairing is not impossible …

For file repair jobs … don’t work with/ lose/ overwrite the original bad file, try repairs on copies only.
If there’s no success in sight at first, keep the bad file, a solution might come up later.


You may have the best options when transfering it to a (windows) computer. Even if the video file container seems broken the filesystem anyway may have finished its transaction and set the file state to valid. So you could copy it and first try a proper video player such as VLC. It sometimes offers a repair option if e.g. just the file index is damaged. Or you could try out if one of the freeware tools like Handbrake or Avidemux
can fix it.

There are several tutorials on youtube for using those tools.

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