Calls coming out from loudspeaker FP3+

So when I receive phone calls they come out of the loud speaker… rather irritating.
I can’t see that I have done something wrong, although if I click on loudspeaker it makes it even louder… seems there is a smaller speaker at the bottom also…
Not so pleasant to have everyone hear what’s going on in the conversation.
Any help appreciated

Hi Joe3 and welcome to the forum.

Your problem sounds a bit like this one:

If not, could you provide more info:
Country, Network operator(s) (if you have two SIMs), are you using a SD card,
current OS build number - go to Settings > About phone > Build number

Vocabulary: The FP3 has an “earpiece” at the top of the screen and a “loudspeaker” on the left side towards the bottom.


This post sounds exactly like what I am experiencing.
Do I then understand this is a bug, and something Fairphone/android need to fix in an update?

Well given the rarity it may be down to your use and you say very little about your issue

What OS what version

Do you have an SD card?
Have you cleared the cache of the phone app etc.

Have you tried a safe mode start?

Do you use Google which may overide?

have you used any video apps, that do use the speaker etc.

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Thank you so much for your advice.
If I’m honest I’m not entirely sure how most of this stuff works. But I found that this phone has those cache things and after erasing a bunch of apps with them, it seems to have resolved the issue. :call_me_hand:


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