Call Recording vs SD Card

I am using Call Recorder Pro.
Has been working like a charm until now.
Calls are being recorded and stored, but I cannot play/access them. Apparently they are kept in /sdcard/CallRecordings, but I have no SD Card installed (previous issue, with Sandisk Memory Card, I took it out).
Uploading to dropbox does not work (file has been replaced or deleted).

Resetten the pad to standard does not do the trick,
Anyone here with a tip?


“sdcard” is the build in (internal) storage of the phone, sometimes also called “sdcard0” or simply “0” (it depends on the file manager). If you have an extra (external) SD card, that’s " sdcard1".

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Hi Irina, thanks!
Strange thing that I cannot access the files.
There is still 18 gb available.
Recorded format is WAV.
Rebooting does not solve the issue…

How are you trying to access them? With the file manager Amaze? You could also try the media player VLC that has a build in file manager and can play a lot of file formats.

Well no - normally I play them from the app itself.
With Amaze: no files.
Deleted the app, and trying another one.
Thanks for tha support.

Apparently you can choose whether to store as .wav also - that does not work.
.amr does not give any problems.