Call recording apps with LineageOS

Anyone lucky with call recording apps on LineageOS?

I have tested two:

Axet’s Call recorder looks very good to me. But I only hear myself.

Are there any other recommended call recording opensource apps?

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Hmm, please keep in mind that in Germany and probably in most european countries it is illegal to record a call. Exceptions are companies which tell you in advance about this issue, usually offer an opt-in (but opt-out is also legal if it is possible to opt-out prior to the recording).

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It’s legal to record calls without permission in the UK. If you record someone without their permission and they incur some damages they may sue you for a breach of their privacy, but that is a civil matter. The act of recording calls is not illegal.

(I am not a lawyer and the above does not constitute legal advice)

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Ok, thanks. But I would be very careful with such acts and use it only for calls where both parties live and stay in countries where it is explicitely allowed. In Germany such an act is not just illegal, but a major crime.

The idea behind the record is to have a proof when marketing companies or call spoofer try to sell products.

As far as I know, it is legal if the other party is informed in advance about the record. Thus, the call can be canceled in case of disagreement.

However, it makes sense to clarify local laws beforehand.

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It seems that in you can record your “own” calls in Autstria


LinageOS 15.1 now also supports native call recording in the dialer app.

Found it here: This feature is not available for all countries / devices. Remember that you are responsible for complying with any laws, regulations and rules that apply to the use of this functionality and any recordings it produces.

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@chrmhoffmann: Is this function in general available for FP2 devices? Is it possible to enable this setting with an ADB command (without self-compiling)?