Call quality and noise cancellation (regular calls, handsfree, Signal voice messages, Microsoft Teams video calls)

Hey Fairphone Community,
I have got my Fairphone 4 2 days ago and have the same issue. While my microphone quality is very well in the camera app, during calls and in WhatsApp (quiter than the camera app, but its ok → probably thanks to the update a month ago), it is way to quite and has a low quality in Signal, Instagram and SnapChat (Videos and Voice Messages → only bottom mic is used). I’ve tried the Google Trick and even tried to fix it with a reset, but still nothing changed. Just opened a support ticket and hoping, that Fairphone will provide an update, that fixes this.

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As a feedback to the community: when I disabled the “Google” App, the problem seems to go away.

Thank you!

And as a feedback: disabling the “Google” app seems to eliminate the problem.


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To be clear, you’re talking about the hands free calling right? Disabling the Google app is not an option for me, but I’ve tried it, it doesn’t solve the list of issues I have.

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I switched from Stock ROM to iodéOS yesterday, partly because of microphone issues, for me the issue has not changed, even though I don’t have any Google apps whatsoever on my phone right now.

I will do some more testing with other apps, I’m only using Whatsapp for Video calls and the normal phone calls.

A question though: If Fairphone solves the problem, will this fix trickle down to custom ROM makers such as /e/, iodé?

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If these fixes are included in firmware files, they should later also be included in iodéOS, /e/OS and CalyxOS, as these custom ROMs integrate official firmware blobs:


Not quite sure when this started, but have recently noticed that when making phone calls the receiver of the call cannot hear me. Problem occurs with three different ‘phone call making’ apps on the phone.

I ran the FP4 automated test that checks the speakers and microphones and they all pass fine. Additionally, a Sound Recorder app on the phone is able to record me clearly. All the ‘phone/dialer’ app status pages show that they have Microphone access and the latest OS updates have been applied - so I am out of ideas at this point.

Anyone had a similar problem on the Fairphone 4?



Yes thats a known bug

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That crossed my mind - the ‘phone’ doesn’t actually perform as a ‘phone’. :roll_eyes:


Fully agree. I can be OK with tinkering to make more esoteric features/functions work, but when you can’t make a phone call reliably on a device that is supposed, first and foremost, to be a phone…

This falls under the category of ‘highly embarassing - fix immediately’.


Hi @FPWulf and those that have this horrendous problem, as said it’s not a phone if you can’t make calls.

So what is clear is that is not a simpel hardware failure mic/speakers it’s a connection issue.

Some possible problems

  • Antenna Malfunction
  • Network incompatibility with something
  • and that something could be a user setting and/or a custom app.

The nearest FP4 I have is my daughters, vanilla OS, WhatsApp, Zoom, EE in the UK with no problems with calls. Video is a bit flaky on the over-shapened edging, but voice not a problem.

Antennas for 3G, 4G, 5G, all those bands that may conflict or not be optimum 2.4GHz, 5GH loads of bands. Using VOLTE I’ve no idea what mix a phone may use unless it’s restricted Wi-Fi on 2.4GHz or 5GHz

So this may be a user set issue and Fairphone won’t be able to replicate that exactly for phones outside their locality with the same settings

So I wonder how many complainants have done a factory reset and then contacted Fairphone with their simple state, network etc…

All the best

I wonder if Fairphone requested output of adb logcat (or a similar method) from any bug submitter so far. Fire up that command while doing a call, and you get an impressive amount of low level details, likely containing direct or indirect evidence of the root cause.

During my last contact with support they ignored offers to work with them at engineering level which was honestly a bit discouraging.


I’ve done several factory resets. I even tried 2 FP4’s. These issues are easily reproducible. They are also acknowledged by Fairphone and plenty of users. Meaning the issue of this topic. The problem @FPWulf describes is I think a different problem.


I don’t think that’s necessarily true at all. It could just as well be an app configuration problem or another software issue. In fact given that my phone worked in the past in this respect, it think that is quite likely.

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@UPPERCASE - yes. In fact I posted it as a separate issue and it was moved under here ‘as it’s the same issue’. I don’t think it is either.

Hmm! that’s what I said. It’s not a simple hardware issue, an app conflic or config or network related issue is what I thought I’d implied.

I’m a big bit dyslexic and spell poorly and miss words frequently :slight_smile:

Hi community,
I have just purchased a FairPhone4 for my girlfriend. The problem is that the sound quality coming from her is very bad. Not only when calling me, but anybody else.
What is strange is that, using a Bluetooth device, I can hear her very well.
Bad sound quality = bits and pieces of what she says are missing and each time when I talk I can hear all ‘S’, ‘Sh’ and ‘Ch’ sounds as an echo 1 or 2 seconds later.
I upgraded it to the latest software.
I contacted the helpdesk and performed the microphone and speaker tests and they were OK.
I replaced the SIM card (because helpdesk advised me to do that) but the problem did not dissapear.

Am I the only person with this issue?

Kind regards, Vincent


Hello and welcome to the forum. This issue has already been discussed:

As a workaround, you might try disabling microphone permission for the Google app:


I do have the same bad call quality issues with the fairphone 4. Disabling the microphone permission or deactivating the google app is not changing the behavior.
I will report this to fairphone and keep you updated if they find something.


I have this problem too, but with a Bluetooth headset it works perfectly fine.