Call quality and noise cancellation (regular calls, handsfree, Signal voice messages, Microsoft Teams video calls)

Thanks, that worked… I trust my default browser too much, I guess.

I can now see what I sent in. There is no update from Fairphone, yet. I will call them in a few days.

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Is it working better for anyone using Signal voice messages? I still have the issues as noted in early December. However, FP support claims that this should be improved with the latest FP update. Just to double check if it’s just me.

For me WhatsApp and especially Sound Recorder work better now, but Signal voice messages are still low too. I have updated my support ticket.

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Is it working better for anyone using Signal voice messages?

No, neither for me. I can only talk about Signal, not WhatsApp. There it sounds as bad as before and simple analysis like level, spectrum and crest also indicate no difference.

FP support claims that this should be improved with the latest FP update

Was this an private message to you? Would you share what thy wrote in detail?

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It’s stated here in the first bullet of the changelog. It doesn’t mention Signal specifically though, but good to hear that this can be fixed by software. Maybe Signal is fixed in the next update.


Similar issue here with new FP4

Most of the time the calls sound fine my end but getting endless complaints from people i’m calling that they are hearing their voice echo / i sound like a robot / the sound quality of the call is patchy.

This is the same for normal calls through the carrier and calls through platforms like telegram and whatsapp

Very frustrating as this is a core issue that overrides the rest of the phone being pretty good

Think I will call the helpdesk soon

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I have the same issue whit people have a hard time hearing what iam saying when iam in a phone call, take a way the permission for Google too use the microphone didnt help.

2 month old Fairphone 4

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Same issue with FP4 bought about a month back! Hopefully this gets addressed, awaiting a support request currently.

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I also experience the same issues when calling. My FP4 is 2 months old. Any news on this ?

It’s honestly a big disappointment. I knew I was sacrificing some features when going for a FP, but I didn’t think simple calls would be an issue…

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Best you can do is #contactsupport, when enough people complain they will (hopefully) fix it.

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Hi @benjihbb @Vasantht @Andree @benl734

Welcome to the forum.

I’m sure there must be others experiencing similar issues, but as is not the case with everyone, infact the majority of users may have no problem then I wonder if it is to do with your carrier or you set up re. Which band of which G you are using and if you have Wi-Fi and buetooth enabled at the same time.

There are many combinations and I can see from the number of complains it would be difficult to track down if it is personal issue.

Saying that, although as @UPPERCASE has indicated, you may contact support officially, they will want to know which network etc you are using.

Gathering such information form each complainer is tiresome for both Faiphone and the user so will take some time. Then of course Fairphone will be looking for a common issue to see if it is indeed abasic software issue with regard to multiple users.

Given that multiple requests for help will slow down each other then it would be wise to detail exactly what your individual case is and what you have tried to mitigate the issue. It isn’t very useful to I am experiencing the same issue here and even worse if detail is not provided to Fairphone. It just provokes questions, which I am not asking here not up to answering.

All the best with your efforts to resolve your problems.

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Anyone experiencing great consistent quality with calls in e.g. Signal, handsfree calling and sometimes regular calls? I think enough people shared their concerns. It’s not ideal that FP support gets these redundant emails. But the previous update was suppose to fix it, it didn’t for many people. It would help a lot if FP could be more straightforward about the unresolved issues, like this one. It’s been 6 months. In a few months we can expect Android 12, which may come with new issues. Just speculating of course. But the quality assurance of FP’s software isn’t staggering. It would be great to finally have a solid Android 11 experience.

Do you by the way have a Fairphone 4? These issues are not great and should be resolved. The only way is to let FP support know so they can prioritize them. If they have a proper ticketing system they can merge requests easily.


My daughter has and has no problems.

Look, I appreciate that you want to help out. But if you don’t know the pain we have to endure with this phone sometimes, then I don’t know why you’re commenting here. These issues are not subjective. They limit functionality, experienced on both ends of the call.

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Yes I can see the complaints, but it isn’t everyone so I wonder what can be happening with you and the like?

Still clearly I can’t help with individulas but I do wonder about the generalisation that this happens to all, most or many phones. Generalising seems to push the issue to a bigger audience.

Still I’ll leave you to wait for an update and see if that helps your and other’s cases.

The issue was confirmed and identified by FP. The microphones are not used properly and requires fine-tuning. First round of fixes solved some situtations. But unfortunately it’s not fixed for all reported cases.


Dear friends.

When contacting support it would be good to give them some concrete knowledge to work with. Below is some things which will be very helpful for the support team ko know.

When opening a support ticket, make sure to fill in alle the questions about the phone, as app version and build number, and so on. First thing Support will ask you to do is to make the test, so make sure you have done that. It is described in the link below.

Upon contacting them I received the following relevant questions as listed below. Answer them as detailed as you can, interview your mates about hov they experience the calls, maybe even have them to make a recording and send it all in to support.

Here is what I got from support team. (bear in mind my wife and I are both using Fp4)
I will need some extra information from you to better understand the issue. Hope that’s ok!

  • Does the problem appear with normal phone calls, app calls, or both? If it appears with app calls, which apps?
  • Which network provider is the one you are calling using?
  • Are you and your wife using the same network provider?
  • If yes, please test a SIM card of a different network provider.
  • Does the problem appear no matter where you are (eg. at home, in the city centre, at work)?

It would also be great if we could get a more detailed description of the problem:

  • What exactly does your call partner hear after 10-20 minutes (eg. echo, crackling, the voice becoming more silent, nothing…)?
  • Can the first 10-20 minutes of phone calls be conducted without any issues?
  • Do you also hear distortions (eg. hearing an echo) or is it only the call partner?

Additionally, could you please also send me the following screenshot:

  • Go to Settings > About Phone > SIM Status (sim slot 1) > Take a screenshot.

The thing is, it’s not just phone calls. It’s more wide spread, which was confirmed by FP support as well. Noise cancellation isn’t tine tuned properly and the right mic is sometimes not used.

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when I turn “speaker” on during phone calls, the call recipient can hear me barely or not at all.
Has anybody else experienced that problem?


Hi @thomash I moved your post, as I assume its the same issue, please read above