Call problems while loudspeaker is activated

Hey guys,

I’m using my Fairphone 4 for a few months now and after the last update I have problems with my mobile call quality.
If I use my smartphone with the loudspeaker activated during the call, my voice isn’t recorderd properly and I always sound like I have connection problems.
After I switched back to my regular “private ear loudspeaker” there isn’t that problem anymore.
I assume it’s a software problem.
I also phoned a test hotline to see if the problem is really on my side and I got the same results.
If I talk with my loudspeaker activated I sound like a robot or my voice is interrupted.
I’m using the normal android software and app with no changes.

The strange thing is, if I’m using another apps like Instagram or WhatsApp to call someone I don’t have this kind of problem.
Everything works fine there.

Anyone facing the same problems?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Best greetings


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Yes, same issue here. Been in contact with support on the second day I got my FP4 to report the issue but it hasn’t been resolved since.

It’s really a bummer cause I much prefer to talk on speaker than keeping the phone to my ear all the time.

I’m assuming a software issue as well, but on the other hand you’d think it’d be more widely reported.

Let’s hope the fine people at Fairphone are reading along. :slight_smile:

Hey man,

thanks for the reply.
At least I’m not the only one with that problem.
I already asked the support for help and they told me the following:

Step 1: Update

Make sure to [update to the latest software 11351328932497): Fairphone OS v.095 (Build number FP4.TP25.C.095)

The release of some updates may be delayed by up to a few weeks. This depends on your country and phone carrier.

Step 2: APN settings

Your APN settings affect how your Fairphone 4 connects with the network. To check if they are causing issues:

  1. [Reset your APN settings]
  2. Depending on your network operator, you might need to [set your APN settings manually]

Note, you’ll need to do this step separately for each SIM card you’re using, including eSIMs.

Step 3: Service test

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Dial **#[#2886] in the same way you enter a phone number to make a phone call. Once the last character is introduced, the Service Menu appears (be patient, this can take a few seconds).
  3. Select Manu.
  4. Tap on SIM and/or eSIM. You should see sim card is OK and/or ESIM is ok.
  5. Choose FAIL or PASS accordingly based on the result of the test and let me know how it went.

Step 4: Check with your network operator

Contact your operator and ask if there’s currently a network outage in your area - a local cell tower might be damaged or some of their services might be down due to a settings error.

Step 5: Reinstall your SIM card

[Reinstall your eSIM card]

Remove your SIM card and check it for any visible damage.
Note that physical SIM cards are small electronic devices and can be damaged or become faulty with time. If your physical SIM card is older than 2 years or looks scratched, ask your operator to issue you a new one. A new SIM card can fix a lot of [unexpected issues]

Step 6: Try a couple of different SIM cards

Borrow a couple of SIM cards from family members or friends and test them on your device. It’s best if you try with at least one card from the same provider and one from a different provider. Repeat Step 2 for each SIM card you try.

If another SIM card works well, it means something is wrong either with your SIM card or your contract/data plan. Please, contact your provider if that’s the case.

Does your SIM card work in another phone? Let me know.

Step 7: SIM status

  1. Go to SettingsAbout phoneSIM status.
  2. Take a screenshot and attach it with your next reply.

I already checked and tried what they told me but it didn’t help.

On m’a dit qu’il y a trois micros sur le FP4. Lorsqu’on utilise le Haut Parleur, deux micros sont désactivés et le seul qui reste est celui situé à gauche du FP, exactement à où on prend l’appareil en main et on met souvent le pouce sur ce micro. C’est une erreur de conception. N’y a t-il pas moyen de désactiver ce microphone et activer soit celui du haut soit celui du bas? Je pense qu’il s’agit d’un problème de paramètres que les techniciens de FP pourraient résoudre.

Good morning,
I’ve been told there are three mics on the FP4. When using the Speaker, two microphones are deactivated and the only one that remains is the one located to the left of the FP, exactly where you hold the device and often place your thumb on this microphone. This is a design error. Is there no way to deactivate this microphone and activate either the top or bottom one? I think this is a settings issue that FP techs could fix.

Bonjour Noel,

thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately, this is not the case.
Most of the time I’m holding the phone, that the left microphone isn’t blocked or I just put it on the table so I don’t have to hold it.

Fairphone already replied on my comment to their solution, wich I posted above and now they will ask their tech department.
Let’s see what they will tell me.