Call for Beta Testers - Be the first to test a new update!

There are two bugs specific to Open OS and both have workarounds (delete a system app and put your phone in airplane mode over night).

Airplane mode cannot be seen as a workaround for the clock-bug: If a reboot happens for example over night (some people are experiencing them, me luckily not), the phone won’t sync it’s clock with the network and your alarm won’t go off.

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I think @M_Dammer implied the Google bug fix release… While 1.7.0 is already on September baseline, the newly released 16.08 is “only” August…

Given the size of the team and what they are already providing, I think we can live without a beta program for OpenOS. It’s already a very good thing that we (users) can speak directly to the fairphone team. That’s usually not possible and should be appreciated :slight_smile:


I think a lot of FP2 Open OS users can explain fastboot and adb. I also think, there is a lot of beta community power behind the open os version.
I personally stay on the open os version and give every time forum feedback to open os related bugs.


Hey all,

Thank you for your responses and thinking with us. I want to make clear that all feedback on FPOOS here on the forum is read and taken into account when making the next update.

So although there is no official beta program every new release is better because of the excellent and continuous feedback here on the forum.

We are also working to get more formal methods of bug tracking into place and make the whole feedback, reporting and fixing process more transparent.

Thank you all for caring as much as we do about an Open version of Fairphone OS!


Hey all,

We listened to your questions and I am happy to tell you that there will be early releases of Fairphone Open posted in the beta section of this forum from now on.

@anon36364121 just released the first one.
If you want to join beta testing of this OS, please follow instructions in the first post.



Hi Douwe.
I want to join the betatester group. I wrote alredy an email to the devs

We found an critical bug in the Fairphone Open 16.08 / 16.09
Ambient light sensor bug was solved, but now the phone is prevented to go to the deep sleep.
This bug is very critical because the battery drains in 6-8h !

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FP is aware as it is on the #bugslist::tag.

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16.10 seems not solved the bug. is it possible to get the old Modem FW Images (pre 16.08) ?


Here i found something, what works

@Douwe & @anon36364121: 3 weeks ago I’ve sent an e-mail (actually 2 already) to beta [at] that I want to participate in the beta testing of FP open OS. Unfortunately, I haven’t received an answer yet.

Could you please initiate the activation?


1+ for me too. @explit I also wrote many emails for opt-in.
Please opt-in us manually. Thanks!


Hey @Douwe! Sorry to bother you again. I saw here that you activated @explit, but I think, my account hasn’t been activated yet. It’d be really nice, if you could manually add me as well. :slight_smile:

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Hey @tphysm, I asked @anon12454812 to have a look at your email and allow you based on that.
Let’s hope this poke helps him. Otherwise I’ll look into it tomorrow.


Cool, thanks!

Btw how will I recognize the access? Will it pop up or will additional topics in the #software:dev category arise?

Hey @Douwe, still no change - sorry to bother you again… :sweat:

Now it works - thanks for giving me access! :slight_smile:


The irony. Entering my info in a Google form to beta test FP open… :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for the sources to start trying to get an NL dictionary in the keyboard.


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