Call for Beta Testers - Be the first to test a new update!

FP is aware as it is on the #bugslist::tag.

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16.10 seems not solved the bug. is it possible to get the old Modem FW Images (pre 16.08) ?


Here i found something, what works

@Douwe & @anon36364121: 3 weeks ago I’ve sent an e-mail (actually 2 already) to beta [at] that I want to participate in the beta testing of FP open OS. Unfortunately, I haven’t received an answer yet.

Could you please initiate the activation?


1+ for me too. @explit I also wrote many emails for opt-in.
Please opt-in us manually. Thanks!


Hey @Douwe! Sorry to bother you again. I saw here that you activated @explit, but I think, my account hasn’t been activated yet. It’d be really nice, if you could manually add me as well. :slight_smile:

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Hey @tphysm, I asked @anon12454812 to have a look at your email and allow you based on that.
Let’s hope this poke helps him. Otherwise I’ll look into it tomorrow.


Cool, thanks!

Btw how will I recognize the access? Will it pop up or will additional topics in the #software:dev category arise?

Hey @Douwe, still no change - sorry to bother you again… :sweat:

Now it works - thanks for giving me access! :slight_smile:


The irony. Entering my info in a Google form to beta test FP open… :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for the sources to start trying to get an NL dictionary in the keyboard.


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