Call a Bike App crashes


I have installed the LineageOS for microG fork on my FP2 and installed the Call a Bike App via PlayMaker and f-droid.

Unfortunately, the app always crashes directly after starting, no matter if I select “try it” or login with my account.

I have enabled everything in the microg settings and the microg self-check does not show any problems.

Does anyone have any experience with this app? Is there a way to find out what causes the crash?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know this app, so I’m just guessing… What I would check are the app’s permissions in the settings. I could imagine it needs access to location. But as I said, just a wild guess :wink:

Thanks. I checked and the app has access to location but still keeps crashing.

I’ll try contacting the developer then.

I contacted the Call a Bike support and they replied that the App tries to contact Google Maps directly after start.
I assume that fails and lets the app crash. Not sure, if that is a problem of the app or microg.

Of course, they don’t officially support microg but the support told me they forwarded my report to the developers. Let’s see if anything happens.

Anyway, I will mark this as closed.


FYI: in the meantime, an update for the Call a Bike has been published and with this current version the app does not crash anymore.
Map is still not working, of course, but renting bikes by manually tying in the bike number should work.


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