Calendar: Inviting guests to events

Hi all,

my husband and I would like to be able to send each other event invitations from our calendars, basically as a workaround to having a shared calendar, since we don’t want to use Google Calendar and haven’t found another option for having a shared calendar.

We both have individual posteo calendars. Sending & receiving invitations works fine when we do it on our laptops via in a browser, so the basic operation seems to work. The question now is how we do this using our phones. Also working: if one of us sends an invitation via laptop browser, the other receives it as an an e-mail with attachment (.ics) in K9 Mail and can open it there and add it to his own calendar in Android Calendar or Etar.

What is not working: sending invitations from Calendar or Etar on the Fairphone.
We can add the e-mail address in the Guests field and the app says “Invitation is being sent”, but it never actually sends anything.

Current setup:

  • Calendar and Etar as calendar apps
  • DavDroid & Cal-DAV Sync installed
  • K-9 Mail for e-mail

We’re wondering if the issue might be that Calendar and/or Etar aren’t connected with K9-Mail, so basically they don’t have any way to actually send an e-mail with the .ics file attached. However, we don’t know how to fix this (or if this is even the problem…)

Has anyone installed this setup successfully or has any ideas how to fix this problem? Alternatively: does anyone know a better way to have a shared calendar without using anything from Google or the Play Store?


I’m sorry I can’t help with that, but perhaps there’s something useful to be found via the search function …

I use Caldav and Carddav with Davdroid and an online server. The are many service for this .

I have a slightly different setup, with a Nextcloud server instead of posteo.

After adding an event to my calendar in Etar, an email is sent to the invitee. This happens not via k-9 but is sent by the Nextcloud server. So to me it seems that it is the job of the CalDAV server to sends out invitation emails. Maybe you can ask posteo if they provide this feature?

On the other hand, I remember that Thunderbird would also send out invitation emails itself, so now I am wondering if this would lead to two emails being sent…

(For nextcloud, there still seems to be a problem with shared calendars.)

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