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I bought a “long life” usb-c cable and I am very dissatisfied with it. I had it replaced once and after a short time I have the same issue again of the plug getting loose and making it hard to impossible to charge the phone. The cable seems to heavy for the plug, the plug is also missing some glue maybe if I had to take a guess. Now I’m using a pretty cheap standard usb-c cable for less than half the price and I haven’t had any of the issues. Is Fairphone aware of the issues? Seems like I haven’t been the first with the problem.

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I just did a cursory glance at

and I think those cables are fairly obviously a scam.

My Xaosun cables are Thunderbolt 4 (versus USB 3.2) and yet cost barely £5 more.

I’d send yours back for a refund citing your issues, and purchase a decent one.

Sorry, but you are talking about an official Fairphone product. How can you call this a ‘scam’?


:thinking: The cable is indeed rather heavy, and quite rigid too, but I honestly don’t see where there could be glue. Plugs on both sides have a long, tight plastic sleeve holding the cable itself, and till now (5 months of daily use and lots of trips) everything is still fitting snugly.
Do we have the same cable?
I am quite satisfied with it. The only substandard part is the Fairphone-blue Velcro band to tie it together: After only 5 months it doesn’t grip as well anymore, I guess I’ll have to change it before the end of the year.


This is only a user forum. If you want to let Fairphone know about this, then #contactsupport.

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So how did your '‘glance’ reveal a scam?

The cost is not relevant in the terms you put it i.e. the use of the product as the Fairphone cable costs more due to the extra expense of sourcing fairly traded minerals, recycled plastics and better wages for the manufactures.

For sure I have no idea of how much extra the cable cost due to Fairphone’s dilligence in working more fairly and the costs may be spread across all products.

So if you are focused on money value in the way you mention then maybe Faiphone is the company you’d be best buying from.

A similarly tech spec’d cable may be only half the cost or much less even, maybe an Amazon cable for less than €10

Though yes

Lasts a lifetime: Designed for ultimate durability.
could be questionable

The lifetime of what of whom, that of a butterfly, no they wouldn’t be buying, the life of the average user from say 10 to 90 some 80 years, I doubt it.

Poor advertising and not up to scratch, maybe, but not a scam, you do get a cable with a 2 year warranty . . .

You may like to contact Fairphone with your observations and views to see what they have to say?

Have you not ask Fairphone, this is ‘only’ a user forum?

There is also another topic with similar issue

The cables come with a 2-year-warranty. If it fails within that period you can get it replaced. Does not look “scam” to me.

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@Incanus, its price for the throughput provided, per aforestated:

Thunderbolt is not supported by the Fairphone 4 and a difference in price doesn’t make the original cable to ‘scam’.

  • Fair trade doesn’t equate to usability of the minerals or that which is manufactured.
  • Ethics is a method of usability and applied to sentience.
  • Money can be used for fair trade ethics.
  • What is fairly made may not stand up to the use of more popular items
  • Money is only a focus for power over others.

Ethics does encompass the user and I am sure that now Fairphone has managed a huge shift in fair trade for the miners and workers they are focusing their ethics on the end user via better sustainability for the products.

It can’t be easy or everyone would do it.

If people don’t get what they thought they were buying they feel cheated, and venting that feeling is important. However challenging that feeling is a step to understanding it and absorbing it.

The vibes are not lost on the Fairphone official team just because they don’t read this.

Direct criticism is harder work, it’s easy to vent to the public, but less effective. Public pressure can be a route of change but it forces short cuts.

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