USB-C 3.2 Long Life Cable not so long

I purchased my long life cable for 40 euros with shipping thinking it will be a long-term investment but now, after less than two months (of being very slow cable because yes I did not buy the extra 25 euros charger), I’m already experiencing angle issues, at the point that when I manage to make it work, I have to let my phone in the exact position in order to let it charge…

just tried to switch cable with a friend, my charger is fast charge compatible with his cable so the slow charging was even not a charger problem. This cable is definitely a scam. Seems like the fast charge only works with the usbc-usbc configuration…

Hello. This is a community forum. Please make sure to #contactsupport. I’m sure they will sort it out and provide you with a replacement (or refund you).


Sorry for spreading bad vibes, I just wanted to share my experience and eventually to warn people

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I’m not sure you can warn people of something that is specific you or a faulty cable as clearly most people are not saying the same.

Bad vibes, you are clearly upset, but it just sounds like either you have damaged the cable or it was poorly manufactured.

The cables have a two year warranty so as mentioned above contact Fairphone to see if you can get a replacment.

There’s no scam . . . really?

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I have just bought a Fairphone 4 with fast chargers (both UK and continental) and the heavy-duty cable. I didn’t notice at first that the USB-A part of the cable was detachable, and it charged the phone just fine through the USB-A port of the charger. Then I realized that it was really a USB-C<–> USB-C cable with adapter, and I tried connecting it as such, to the USB-C port of the charger, in hope of getting 30W charging, and it didn’t work… although I found after some experimentation that it works if you hold it at a particular angle. The charger’s USB-C port worked OK with a different cable, and the heavy-duty cable worked OK with a different charger; so I think there’s something about the shape of the cable and the charger that’s incompatible; maybe the charger’s socket is slightly too deep-set?

Contact support, maybe you have a a faulty cable etc.

I have the same issue. Mostly if I keep the cable hanging on the edge of my nightstand. The cable is quite heavy and thus pulls the connector down, which sometimes causes issues. Making sure the cable has some support negates this issue.