Buttons not working properly

Hey guys,
it seems now I’ve got this trouble aswell: Volume up is not working anymore, or randomly turns up when I unlock the screen.
And the “lock screen / turn on and off” button seems to be malfunctioning aswell.
Taking the phone outta the case and cleaning the case (using slim one in coral) did not help.
Any advice for this?
Using the freshly updated OpenOS.

Switch the power button with the camera button. Perhaps this will help.

Any manual for this? Didnt “open it up” yet…

Have a look here.

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Yeah I know how to take off the case, thats not my issue.
I have no idea how to switch the buttons? Do you mean the ones in the case or the ones in the device itself?

The buttons in the case.

But the problem also appears without the case, so I guess it is more “deep inside”…

Then you better contact support.

For me the buttons work much better in the shell of the case, since they’re very difficult to be pressed properly when the case is removed. Maybe you can try first to switch the buttons and see the result before you talk to support.

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Hmm okay, opened a support ticket. Lets see what they can tell me…

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