Building LineageOS for FP4

Thank you this is very usefull, my main struggle being how to find the source of said modules. But this will already definitely help !

If it’s a kernel module, the source it’s the kernel itself. In that case: link


Reporting back in case other people were interested.
@eudaldgr thanks for your very clear instructions.

After some struggle I realized one step was missing which was actually saving deconfig:

make menuconfig

I was required to run:

make savedefconfig


mv defconfig arch/arm64/configs/


I builded LineageOS-18.1 + microG + stock FPCamera succesfully :tada: (I’m trying poshul pull requests 1, 2).

Built and signed the build with the lineageos4microg docker image.
Following the instructions given by @Error :heart_eyes:.
Here you can find my proprietary blobs + FPCamera. All extracted from device, no iode things.

I can launch the “pro”, “video” and “selfie” modes, but if I launch the normal application, it crashes, logcat.

If someone wants to try this, build or download. Any feedback will help.


Let me ask you a question, even if it is a stupid one
Why is there no official LOS?
No maintainer?
Other problems?

The building of the image itself seems to work.

Is there any information about this?

There is already a GSI image of LeOS. So the AOSP seems to be already ported.

I guess the answer can be found in the parallel thread:


Then download the iodé rom linked above (file Extract the zip and follow this tutorial 2 on how to extract the proprietary files from payload.bin file.

I just do use the iode zip to extract the payload.bin file, right?

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Yes, using the iodé zip to pull the rest of the vendor blobs is enough. Follow these steps to extract them.

I tried to build myself, now when I sync, I get these errors:

error: frameworks/compile/slang/: platform/frameworks/compile/slang checkout ec03988d63f0cd47939ab814e08668c30cbbeb66 
error: Cannot checkout platform/frameworks/compile/slang

Please move or remove them before you switch branches.
error: external/libunwind/: platform/external/libunwind checkout 2a99ffade2eb18de165e20efc9609f1f923ae9eb 
error: Cannot checkout platform/external/libunwind

Should I delete everything in the folder and start over?

Hmm that’s weird, seems like local changes were made that broke your sync.
You could try to discard them all :

repo forall -vc “git reset --hard”

and resync :

repo sync

If it doesn’t work, my advice would be to start all over :frowning:

Many thanks - another question: I need to sign my own builds to continue with future updates on this path, right?

I have absolutely no idea, I didn’t sign mine which is probably… bad ? Honestly I have no idea, but if you find out the answer, I’d be glad to hear about it :smiley:

I hope my question is appropriate here:

I have tried to build it by myself. But it failed, because I cannot follow the guideline 100% precisely I think.

I use a Linux system, which is good. However, my system directory is on an SSD. It has not enough space (~100GB) left. So I need to adjust it to work from another harddrive.

Maybe you can review my steps and tell me if I do something wrong regarding my adjustments:

I followed the steps here with the following changes.

You see that I always try to refer to the respective drive:

  1. Create the directories:
    As in the guide:

mkdir -p ~/bin

My change:

mkdir -p ~HARDDRIVE/directory/android/lineage

  1. Initialize the LineageOS source repository
    My change:
cd ~HARDDRIVE/android/lineage
/HOME/bin/repo init -u -b lineage-18.1
  1. Download the source code
/HOME/bin/repo sync

The issue I experience then I explain here ^

Is my approach totally wrong?

I don’t see an issue in your steps. Have you tried what Aaanze recommended to recover from this error? Or try starting with a fresh lineageos folder.

I will try to delete everything and do the steps again. But thanks for confirming it is possible my way.

FYI, I can confirm: Using both PRs from poshul did the trick. FPCamera is operational now. :slight_smile:


Is it working properly? I can’t open the app normally, it closes right away.

There’s another PR to solve the backlight issue. :clap:

As far as I can tell, it works properly. However, I did not test everything. That PR is for LOS 19.0.

EDIT: The slow motion effect crashes the application.

I didn’t noticed that i can built LOS 19.0 yet, thanks.

Why is there no official Los version for fp4?
After that long time?
I think /e/OS and iode base on them and there are out for long now