"Bugs", "Help", "confirmed Bugs", "Software Problems" (Category labeling)

EDIT: Discussion moved from notification sounds turn themselves on when phone is in silent mode

[quote=“paulakreuzer, post:2, topic:5706”]the bugs category is for problems many users experience.
[/quote] :confused: Maybe you should rename it then…

Sorry, I didn’t express myself well.

Since bugs are problems caused by the software and not by the way the user uses it, problems should be reproducable by others to be categorized as bugs.


Rename it to “confirmed bugs” and restrict creating new threads for users. Since any new thread by a user is describing a problem experienced by the very one user.
If I would discover the behavior described by frollein_caro, I’d post it in the Bugs section, too…

I don’t think its necessary.
If you read the descriptions about the help and the bugs category it’s pretty clear what they are and how to use them. Sure some users will post their topics in the “wrong” category but it’s not much work for us moderators to recategorize them. (Actually this doesn’t even have to be done by a moderator, all Regulars can do it.)


I think we need to do something about it like you say. We could probably do with a moderator discussion with Joe to see what we can do

I also think that the descriptions are pretty clear, so no need for a discussion.