Bug with Instagram

Hello, I’m having a problem with my Fairphone 3+ and Instagram.
I cannot use Instagram, it displays an error and closes directly.
I tried to remove the cache, uninstall and reinstall, restart my phone.
I have also tried to install an earlier version…


Finally I managed to install and use Instagram, the problem is that the phone forced Instagram to install on the SD card. So it didn’t work.
I ejected my SD card (virtually) and I was able to install Instagram manually by downloading the APK file as it was impossible for me to download it from the Playstore as it said there was not enough space (even though I have 40 GB of free space).
I reinstalled the SD card.

It’s a bit boring to do all this, especially since I couldn’t do the automatic updates because the application thinks there is not enough space…

Is you SD card configured as internal or external storage?


I just encountered the same issue:

  • SD card mounted as internal storage
  • Play Store installs Instagram onto the SD card
  • Instagram crashes upon opening
  • In the App settings of android, when trying to move Instagram into internal storage, it tells me that there is insufficient internal storage capacity, even though there are at least 30GB free

My workaround was:

  • Download Amazon App Store with your browser
  • Move Amazon App Store into the internal storage
  • Shut down phone, remove SD card, start up phone again
  • Install Instagram using Amazon App Store
  • Shut down phone, insert SD card, start up phone again
  • Uninstall Amazon App Store

Once done, Instagram will open normally again, update through Google Play, and it’s on the internal storage.

I had the same issue with installing instagram with a SD card mounted as internal storage. At first instagram worked but suddenly it closed directly. Deleting the cache, reinstalling etc nothing worked. Your workaround works perfectly! Thank you so much , I was close to setting up my phone newly, but thanks to you I don’t have to.

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Still you may find that if the SD card is formatted as internal you may find numerous issues as time creeps by.