BUG-Can't send pictures in Whatsapp with new update!

After I installled the OS 1.2.8, I can’t send any picture with Whatsapp. It switches from the picture preview to the gallery every time I click “OK”. I don’t think it’s because a Privacy Impact problem. Am iI the only one who’s had this problem?

Same problem here, I don’t know what to do. I also have the same problem with uploading pictures on 9gag…

No problems here… Sending pics in WhatsApp works perfectly fine for me

I have the same problem even before upgrading to OS 1.2.8

Don’t happen with telegram

Hey guys, had the same problem.

Solved it by going to Settings -> Sound & notifications -> Privacy Impact
and then unchecking the checkbox.

After that I could send pictures.

More info here.

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Thank you, very much

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Thank you Jaime! :smiley:

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So in other words this was in fact the #privacyimpact bug again. Are you guys sure you updated the OS?

Yes, it’s just I misunderstood Privacy Impact. I thought it was unchecked while it was checked. My fault.

(Now I can see white LED notifications. I’m so happy :joy::joy::joy:)

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Ohh thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the help!

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Re-enable Privacy Impact by unticking the option found at:

:flag_gb: Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact
:flag_de: Einstellungen > Ton & Benachrichtigungen > Privacy Impact
:flag_fr: Parametres > Sons et notifications > Privacy Impact
:flag_it: Impostazioni > Audio e notifiche > Privacy Impact
:nl: Instellingen > Geluid en melding > Privacy Impact
:flag_es: Ajustes > Sonido y notificationes > Privacy Impact

If it was already unticked, then tick it and untick again.