Bug: Android 10 FP3 - Unknown Caller

Some users reported that with this update it is no longer possible to set VoWiFi preference when connected to an LTE carrier. Have you tried airplane mode (with WiFi enabled, expecting an established WLAN connection of course)?

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Yeah, with no mobile networks enabled and just of WiFi I can receive a call so it’s definitely using VoWiFi setting

I have access to all the settings, so can confirm when I disabled both VoWiFi and VoLTE, the problem stops - it’s only when taking calls through one of these two methods that I get unknown caller appear


Yes. I also have the problem. But this time not all the calls are marked as unknown, only some ob them. Really annoying.

Seeing this myself, on mine and my partner’s FP3s. Bit of a problem really as we have moved to an area that has poor signal, and so are relying on Wifi calling.

For your information: I found the same problem here in Luxembourg (provider POST). Enabling 4gLte results in all incoming calls showing as ‘unknown’.

After my FP3+ was upgraded to 0066 im hardly ever have problems with not being able to se the caller. I am also relying on VoWLAN. This is actualy one of the very few problems that was solved at least for me.

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Same Here, but the “downgrade” workaround ist working.
Thanks and hopefully IT will be fixed soon.


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HI @datengarten

I’m not aware of the option you chose to downgrade and you don’t mention which version you were and are now using, would you be so kind as to elaborate :slight_smile:

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The problem still persists via LTE connctions.
I disabled WiFi Call lately, as A1 in Austria seems to have troubles with it since a few weeks.

I’m more than happy with my FP3+, but still those little things are annoying :

-Cannot lock the exposure in video mode with the stock app (it works with GCam though)
-WiFi calls are enabled, but the icon is not always here
-Notifications are pausing my music, I’m not sure it’s a bug but this should definitely be automatic

On my FP3+ wifi calls are indicated by the network at the top left of the bar [EE Wi-fi calling] whereas the icon to the right, just before the battery only shows if there is signal. And of course the network notification only shows when there is a good enough wifi connection to make calls.

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The top right icon was missing, I just enabled/disabled airplane mode and now it’s here again…
There is nothing written next to my network provider name.

Hi, “downgrade” in the sense of switching the WiFi call option of.
Hth, Tom

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Are there any news about the unknown caller issue? I’d really enjoy using Wifi call … and calls over LTE.

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Hi It seems this is a network specific issue.

but not at the same time.

So you have this issue if you the network and the wifi enabled at the same time.

So do you really want to keep the wifi on all the time? I also wonder what network you are using and if you have tried setting the wifi to 5GHz as wifi 2.4GHz uses the same frequency band as 4G Network


Not a problem about having Wifi active. But only getting calls with unknown caller id, when either “Wifi Call” is active and the call comes in via WiFi. Or the call comes in via LTE, when LTE enhancments for calls are active.

So I wonder what network you are using?

I’m located in Austria and use A1 mobile network.
Wifi Calls worked, and also the LTE thing … until some Software Update came along.

Hopefully some one using the A1 will have informed support@fairphone.com

Are you using the latest update now, v0084, which was released after your original post of 5th Feb?

Yes, I’m using the latest version. (Build 8901.3.A.0084.20210204)
But independent from any of my posts… the problems exists since September 2020… like in, just before that whole thread started.

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