Broken touchscreen will not be replaced because no spare parts are avaiable

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this should have been a response to another topic where the question came up if the touchscreen is sold out and can not be replaced right now. Unfortunetaly, the topic was already closed so I will share my thoughts here.

My touchscreen is broken for over 2 months now, it seems to be the typical “left side not working” problem that is reported continuously. My first service request was sent on August 31 and I had to wait for an answer for over a month, leading to a replacement decision just a few days ago. But apparently the touchscreen is not avaiable right now and they either do not know when new ones are avaiable or they do not want to tell me. In an older topic a delivery date of new spare parts in mid december was discussed - this would lead to a repair time of about 4 month for me! And at this point I am just frustrated and declared that I want to step back from the puchase contract and want to have my money back. I put a lot of thoughts into this because I am a fan of the project but it is just not ok at all that you have to live with a broken phone for 4 month. Even if they are working hard to solve the problem, at the end of the day I just can not use my phone properly and paid 530 € for it.

I don’t know if I will get the money because I am not really familiar with the european/dutch law, but in Germany you have the right to get you money back if they can not repair the product in a reasonable time. And 4 months are in no case reasonable. I am waiting for a response right now, though.

Just wanted to share my thoughts, maybe there are similar problems elsewhere.


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