Broken FP2 - next steps?

Hi all,

I’ve tried to follow helpful comments on here from other members to repair my FP2 that is stuck in a boot loop: Phone won’t bootup

I’ve tried to email Support 10 days ago with no response, called them on Monday (that cost me £7 as it was UK - Netherlands) after which I was emailed instructions to Reset to Factory settings which I cannot do as the phone won’t go past the Fairphone start up screen before rebooting. I emailed them back to explain on Monday but have had no response again.

I understand they maybe inundated and are a small set up(?) but I need to move things on. I suspect that the phone will need to be repaired by someone which will take time too.

Can someone answer these questions please:

  • Is sending it off to be repaired the best option? Or should I try a phone repair shop here in the UK?
  • Does anyone know the time frames attached to sending it off to Fairphone HQ and charges from Fairphone to repair a FP2 that is 2 years old?

Any other ideas welcome!

Thanks for your help


As you indicated here:

you are getting into discovery mode (you just don’t recognize it as such), so I don’t think it’s a good idea to send the phone in.
If support determines a hard reset is all that is needed and you could have done it yourself then they will bill you full price for essentially nothing.

I answered you again in your original topic. I think it’s best you try a few more things.

Wow. Unless you’ve been on hold for hours, that’s rip off pricing. If you need to call abroad in future an international calling card might help. Tesco does one that apparently has a GBP 3 minimum topup when purchased in store, which then allows 1 p / minute calls to the Netherlands - but this does require dialling in to a local access number that is charged to your phone bill at local rates (but falls under any call allowance that you may have on that contract). If you can foresee more calls abroad it might be worth picking up a cheap SIM somewhere. For example, giffgaff calls to NL are 2 p / minute, but SIM activation requires a GBP 10 calling credit top-up (which would get you > 8 hours of talk time).
Don’t get me wrong - I don’t feel all this hassle should be necessary. I’m just surprised at how these rip-off international rates that many UK providers charge persist.

With this issue, probably yes - but only if you’re sure that it doesn’t get into recovery. Which it appears that it does, now I’ve re-read the other topic. If you need help to use recovery, then a local repair shop can work.

Prices are here:

If defect falls under the two year warranty, it shouldn’t cost anything. If you’ve told them about the defect before the end of the two year period, they normally honour the warranty.
Based on previous reports here on the forum, things are generally faster from the moment they arrange for your phone to be picked up. Don’t send it yourself though, as things sent outside the normal returns procedure seem to incur significant delays to the processing.

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Just for clarification:
If by “told them” you mean opening a support-ticket by email or calling support, there’s no question if they honour the warranty; they just have to. Reporting the defect and even asking for support is all you have to do within the warranty-timeframe.


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