Bright spot on the display

I got the screen replaced and had bright spots again after a few weeks. Then I had the phone replaced due to random reboots. And, after a couple of weeks there were bright spots on the screen on the new phone.
Honestly I don’t care too much about those spots. I only see them when the screen is all white. The random reboots on the other hand, that is a problem.

Hello, i got my FP2 since August last year. After a month i noticed some lighter spots on the display, they are only to be seen with a white background (like in Settings), but then its really irritating to my eyes.
I changed the display with the help of the support and my new display shows the same behaviour after two months. The spot is on the lower half. My question: Has anyone else noticed this? I didnt find anything about this here or anywhere.

People have noticed, yes - I’ve moved your post to the relevant topic - see above.

Looks like you have (sadly) the most experience with this problem, how long is it taking the support on average to resolve the issue?

I had exactly the same issue (and pretty similar patterns) so interesting how that’s a common hardware defect (just like the bottom module & not-slim case)

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Had the same problem. Opened a new issue. Got a quick response. They delivered a new Display module but I had to pay for it until the got the faulty one. I already got the money back now.

Unfortunately, the replacement Display module did also develop some bright spots. And they are not in the same location :frowning:

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Update: I now have my new display module since February 24th and noticed this week that the new display has again a bright spot in the lower left corner… (yes, I’m writing another support ticket)

I bought a new display after my touchscreen broke and the new one starts developing the same bright spots as the old one after one month. I believe they are even at the same places.

I’m now on my fifth display and the spots are on their way. I’m really disappointed… I wanted so much to like Fairphone but, with this ongoing bright spots issue and an inability to handle too many things at once without crashing, I’ve reached the end of the road…

Same thing for me …
My first screen had those spots, after the touchscreen stopped working it got replaced and now the new screen has developed the same spots again.
When I press the screen in the center (careful!) I can see some rainbow colored spots around the bright spot. So for me it looks like there is something behind the backlight panel … ?!?

But I can life with it as it is only visible with very bright colors.
At work I got a HP zDisplay (I think those are not cheap) and it has a similar bright spot. Probably this is not so uncommon for TFTs ?

Same here. I have the third display in five months, this time it was a different production charge (different colour on the backside) and like the two times before: after some time there are these bright spots in the same region which really irritate my eye. I am quite fed up and ready to leave my FP behind, i wanted it to soo hard to be a reliable companion for years, but this hardware exchanges are quite the opposite of sustainable. And contacting support to initiate a switch of the display with the retailer i bought my phone from is always an mail-battle in epic poroprtions… (although i clearly state that i go upfront with the money). Finally right at this moment i had to wait till June for a replacement.
I am quite sad, but enough is enough.
Leaving this wonderful Forum behind, hurts surely the most.

Same here. Got my fourth display beginning of march that, I was told, should solve the problem. After a few days the brights spots started reappearing…
I immediately sent a message to support and they seemed genuinely at a loss as they were convinced the new display would settle the matter. They’re going to have to reinvestigate from the start…
I can live with the spots for the time being though, so I will wait and see…

Perhaps there is something else wrong with your phones that damages the display and causes the spots on it? It is strange that some phones need a new display again and again.

It’s a fair point but my forth and fifth screens have been with a new phone i received due to a separate issue. Who knows?

My (second) display (the first was replaced in May 2016 due to unresponsive parts) has developed a white spot after approx. 10 months near the lower left corner which is visible on white background. However it isn’t so strong that I would find it irritating, so I plan to keep the display as long as it won’t get much worse and it keeps working otherwise.

These white spots seem to appear not only on FP2 displays. My wife’s (~ 3 year old) Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 has also developed a white spot (in the middle of the display) some time ago.

I can understand the display not being perfect after 3 years but on my display it appeared again after only 2 months of regular usage… The display before took about 10 months to be extremely annoying with this issue.

Ok, I can understand that. My display definitively took longer to evolve the bright spot (actuallly, it’s two spots: another smaller one 2 cm right to the mentioned one).
And it’s mainly visible on white background so far, i.e. not really annoying yet.
Let’s hope Fairphone will be able to find (and fix) the reason soon.

I’ve been wondering the same. But since Fairphone asks us to send back the faulty display, I imagine they test them and that I would have heard from them if the problem wasn’t reproduced on another phone. I imagine (or at least hope…) that this possibility has crossed their mind and that it’s been ruled out.

My original display evolved some bright spots, they changed it, the spots began again after a few days. Now they replaced the core… Hope the spots are gone now!

i too have these. It’s annoying and doesn’t look nice on bright screens, but I hate bright anyway.