Brand new fairphone won´t charge/complete black screen :(


I just bought a new fairphone that won´t charge with a cable. I have tried all my 10 different cables (I´ve travelled a lot and lost cables and etc) and I even bought a new one :frowning: Nothing!
I have an external battery charger and that´s working!

The phone stayed on for about 5 minutes when it arrived with 30% battery and than it died. Is this normal?

I have seen this problem happened before here: Brand New Fairphone 2 Won't Turn On

Is this a commun issue? Do you have some advice?

Thank you//Amanda

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Check out the #batteryguide. There are a lot of tips there, but if none of them help it’s likely a hardware issue.
If you live near some #fairphoneangels they can probably help you determine which part is defunct by swapping modules.
Then you can contact support knowing exactly what you need from them. Otherwise you may have to send the whole phone in so they can find out what’s wrong.



Either return the phone.

Or #contactsupport to get it exchanged.

Or disassemble and reassemble the bottom module and see whether that fixes it, you will not lose your warranty doing that … shouldn’t be necessary with a new Fairphone 2, though. Here’s a video for disassembling.

Or … what @paulakreuzer said.


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