Brand new Fairphone 5 screen is black after installing everything, I can not get the screen to function

I bought a new Fairphone 5 yesterday and started installing it today. Everything went smoothly and the copy from my old Samsung was ok but when it started installing the apps properly after installation esim and everything the screen just went black. My husband can call me but I can not answer. I have tried to restart the phone and even remove the battery but the screen is completely black apart from som blinking with the bottom “buttons” with back, home and so on. When I restart the phone the screen comes on and looks ok but I can not use the phone at all. Does anyone have any help to offer?

Maybe some setting taken over from Samsung or any Samsung App causes this. Try to start into recovery and perform a factory reset from the recovery.

Turn off the phone, press power+Vol-up for several seconds till it boots. In the menu navigate with Vol-down/up and confirm selection with power.

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I remember something similar when settings from a Pixel phone with AoD activated were taken to a FP4:


Whatever the solution will be, I am already celebrating this answer, because often the best answers have already been found in the past.
Thank you!