Bottom module keeps breaking up

i have a fairphone 3+ with /e/ os installed on it.

i changed my bottom module in december because i was having charging issues.
the phone would charge only through power banks and not through a charger.
yes, i checked different chargers, cables, sockets and so on. it was the phone.
in fact, once changed the bottom module, it went back to work perfectly.

however, the bottom module seems to be giving again and already the same problem.
it’s basically only two months from the previous repair for a phone which is just over a year old.

related to charging, there is also the battery, who used to go down fast, but then recharge superquickly (before the bottom module went wild again).

does anyone have any recommendations, suggestions, ideas to solve and/or just to check at least what’s happening to my phone? :cry:

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I imagine you may not have had a valid warranty and so bought the bottom module independent of Fairphone’s ‘instructions’ however the module is guaranteed for two years, so you could contact Fairphone to see what they say.

Regarding the issue. As you had tried alternative cables and chargers I can see why you bought the new bottom module.

  • That it charged from a power bank may mean the plug and socket were a better physical match.
  • Despite all the alternatives you tried there is no indication, here, that any match of cable and charger were suitable despite the facts that a) they may have worked and b) may work elsewhere.

I am inclined to think than if the USB port is clean then the contacts on the core module may not be.

It would be worth removing them module and cleaning the contacts that you can access.

You could also dismantle the old bottom module and clean that more thoroughly.

Please check that the water maker is not red too etc.

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i do and i contacted them, thanks for reminding me.

it seems like a malfunctioning bottom module is a very common issue.
i will try to open my phone app and give it a thorough clean as soon as possible.

do you know if the bottom module of the fairphone 4 has a similar issue or they managed to “solve” it?

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The USB port on the FP4 is a small separate module which no electronics

  • So if the USB malfunctions it doesn’t require a whole new bottom module.
  • So If a similar problem occurs it could be something else

I’m not sure it is ‘very’ common.

That there may be a hundred complaints out of 200,000 sales doesn’t seem like a manufacturing problem that is outside general electronics failures.

For a 99% success there would have to be 2000 failures etc.

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