Both cameras suddenly stopped working

Hey everyone, looking for some help to figure out what might be going on. A few days ago, both cameras completely stopped working simultaneously (Just show black). I’ve since then updated the system, cleared the camera cache, and tried safe mode, to no success. What else could I try?

Thank you

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Try to dismantle the camera unit. Maybe this helps

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Consider first if you have a warranty before you dismantle the phone.

With a valid warranty you best contact Fairphone who may give advice.

Beyond warranty you can remove the camera modules, but as it seems both the rear and face cameras are not functioning at the same time it would indicate another issue. You can of course dismantle the actual camera modules but I would try and borrow or obtain another module to check it isn’t them before dismantling and trying a DIY on the actual modules.

Maybe see if you can find a fairphoneangel near you to assist.

You can try the service tests

  • Dial *#*#66#*#*
  • Service tests > Test Single > [Main Camera and Front Camera]

If that works it is a software failure.

What camera app do you use?
Can you try an alternative app, may the one below?


Thanks for your help! The cameras are not working in any app at all, including QR code readers, PDF scanners etc. etc.

  • Did you try the Service tests?
  • Do you have an SD card and is it formatted as Internal or Portable?
  • How much memory do you have left?
  • If you have a Gallery/ Photo app check the bin is empty if your memory is low and by low that can be 4Gb
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I did! Main camera showed black, front camera showed “Camera not available”. No SD card, bin is empty too. Memory is at 83% currently.

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Could you solve the problem?
I have exactly the same issue, disassemble, clean and assemble didn’t helped.
But I hesitate a bit to order new modules…

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Put adds in the [Market] category for ‘old’ spares etc.

Did you check the angelsmap maybe there is a heaven close and they have a module to test it…

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I didn’t yet unfortunately :frowning:

Another piece of it that I just noticed is that the flashlight is not working either because “the camera is in use”, which it isn’t clearly. Does that give us any clue what might be going on?

Have you tried

  • Clearing the Cache and Storage

Settings > Apps and notifications > See All ## Apps > Camera

That’s if you use the default camera

Hi everyone,

I have the same issue with the exact same symptoms. Additionally I deassembled and re assembled the phone, with no luck. (removed display, de-plugged and re-plugged the top module and the camera module)

As the front Camera and the back Camera are on different modules, I suppose replacing the modules wouldn’t help… but would be the next thing to try if nobody has a more promising idea?

Can you confirm you are using the the most recent updated default FOS and the default camera app?

It may be a memory issue so check the following

  • Check memory Settings > Storage to ee if you have at least 6Gb free

  • If you have an SD card check to see if it is formatted as portable, you should see an eject icon if it is

  • Clear the cache on the Camera app and empty the bin and other apps cache and storage for more room maybe

  • Run the phone is Safe mode to temporarily disbable any other apps that may be intefering.

Thanks for you reply.

  • Latest OS ist installed (4.A.0022.0)
  • I use Open Camera and it’s independent of the app, all apps using the camera don’t get an image
  • There is more than 6GB of free storage
  • SD Card is ejectable
  • Cache and storage of the open camera app is cleared
  • And I get the same symptoms in safe mode (no image, no flashlight, …)
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For both cameras to go seems like either a poorly connected modules, maybe tarnish or loss or worse a core-module failure.

Can you get hold of any camera modules to check ?

So how old is the phone … past warranty … and do you have the FP3 or FP3+ camera modules?

I can ask friends if we can start a module swapping experiment. I’ll write back with results.

It’s a 2 years old FP3 with a FP3 Camera module.

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You can also look at this offer

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Ok, My phone is fixed again. Both cameras seemed to be unplugged after i dropped the phone. But not on the visible side on the camera module which I checked the first time I opened the phone, but on the main board side, covered by a metal shielding. Shield removed, both modules properly plugged (one was completely lose), done.

Hope that helps others!



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