[gone] Fairphone 3 original camera modules (UK) - free with post contribution

Original camera modules for FP3 removed when upgraded to FP3+ standard.

Free with post contribution (via Paypal) - £1 in UK, £5 to rest of Europe.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

First I wonder where you are, I’m near Plymouth and secondly about the modules etc.

  • The bottom module is the same in the FP3 and the FP3+
  • The FP3 cannot be updated to the FP3+ as they use a difference core module which has audio improvements
  • The only modules that can be upgraded are the camera modules

Thanks, you’re right they are the camera modules. My mistake, I was thinking they constituted “top” & “bottom”, but of course the cameras are both at the top, so obviously wasn’t thinking there.

I’ve changed the title to make sense!

I’m in Nottingham.

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I have spares so I’ll wait a few days to see if anyone else wants them, as I’m only going to keep them to give to someone else, if there’s want.

I just recently sent one to the south of France :slight_smile:

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Just passed your offer on to

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These are now taken.

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