Bootup cycling after knocking phone


I have recently brought a new FP4 and have been enjoying it with no problems for the last few months. Unfortunately, a few days ago I knocked it off a desk. It was a relatively minor fall with no external damage, but since then I haven’t been able to get past the boot screen (the one with the ‘powered by Android’ logo in the bottom). Holding down the power button just causes this initial bootup screen to cycle, while releasing it immediately causes the screen to shut off.

If I had simply turned it into a brick I would give up expecting to rescue it, but this unusual bootup behaviour leaves me hopeful that the problem can be narrowed down.

As I see a few people have been having issues with bootloops on this forum, I should specify that I haven’t changed the OS or played around with the bootloader.

Things I have tried so far:

  • Breaking down and reassembling the phone to check for loose contacts. Visually, there is no obvious internal damage.
  • Trying to get into safe mode does nothing, with the boot cycle simply starting again even with the volume down button pressed.
  • Removing the battery and attempting to turn on the phone with the power cable attached brings up the no battery symbol, which remains illuminated even when the power button is released.

The closest thing I can find to this issue online is this Reddit post for the Pixel 4, which suggests a battery replacement might work? It’s not clear to me why a bad power source would be causing this problem, but I’d be happy to order a new one if this seems the best course of action:

Anyway, any suggestions greatly appreciated! Back to the old FP2 for now.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

After a bang have you dismantled and reassembled as some part/module may have problematic contacts?

Hi, thanks for the reply - yes I have, no change in the behaviour unfortunately

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If you have a #fairphoneangel near you, then you might ask to swap battery.

Good idea - I’m based in Lausanne, which seems to be in a bit of an angel desert. But perhaps next time I’m in Zurich…

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Just to follow up on this in case anyone else has the same problem - it turned out to be a problem with a battery after all. Now fully functional again after a replacement.


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