Bluetooth switch

the Bluettoth on my Fairphone 1 will no longer switch on-has been OK for past weeks but will not change from OFF

Did you already reboot and retry or try the following?:


Thanks for this advice which I have now tried-message on app says Turning
Bluetooth On but after 10 minutes there was no response…

This sometimes happens. I was hoping restarting it fixes it, as anything else is either more complicated, or just random (see e.g. this topic).
When you say:

Do you mean that bluetooth remained labelled as ‘off’, or that your device doesn’t connect? If it remains off, you could run a hardware test (see link in the topic linked above). Be careful though, as hardware testing mode has options that wipe the phone.

In the other case: Resetting data for bluetooth (if available; same place as the Force Quit) and removing the pairing in the device you’re trying to connect sometimes helps if it is a pairing issue. If you’re trying to connect a new device, note that the FP1 doesn’t support some of the newer bluetooth protocols that some devices rely on to connect.

Thanks again. Bluetooth is shown as Off and also device does not connect. I
am trying to connect to a new device so it may be that it is a a protocol
which FP1 does not support. However this does not explain why is is Off…
I will keep trying but will work around it if not resloved.
I am looking into getting a FP2 so this may be the answer
Thanks for your help

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