Bluetooth won't turn on even after restarting

I can’t switch bluetooth on on my phone. I slide it across to “on” in settings and it just slides straight back to “off”. Was working fine at the weekend as I listened to a book through bluetooth in the car, but when I tried to listen today my car said it was disconnected. Wanted to try turning bluetooth off and on again as sometimes this helps the car to re-find the connection, but haven’t managed to turn bluetooth back on since. Have tried restarting phone but that didn’t help. Thanks for any advice.

Go to #dic:testingmode (find the instructions by clicking the link) and do the test there.

PS.: Sounds to me like a defective bluetooth chip.

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Thank you. I turned phone completely off last night and this morning I managed to slide the thing across and its back to working. But definitely a glitch so I’ll bear in mind your fix if it happens again. Thank you!

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Keep in mind that my suggestion is not a fix, but merely a diagnosis tool. It will tell you if something’s broken, but won’t fix it.

I hope you won’t have to use it! :slight_smile:

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