Bluetooth shutting off periodically after update

Hey everyone,

In September I updated my FP4 to build number FP4.FP4D.A.163.20220826.
Since then my Bluetooth shuts off periodically. Sometimes every couple of seconds, sometimes every couple of minutes. Before the update, I never had any issues with Bluetooth.
Even after the recent update to FP4.FP4G.A.170.20220920 the issue remains.

I contacted customer support and they gave me a list of things to try, however, none of them solved the issue. Not even the factory reset.

I use my Bluetooth all the time for wireless earphones, so not being able to use it for close to 6 weeks now really sucks.

The only remaining options I see are either downgrading to an older build version (if possible) or installing a custom ROM. In both cases I would lose my warranty, so I’m hesitant to do that.

Has anyone had similar issues with their Bluetooth? Or another idea I can try?


Welcome to the community :wave:

I do have some short Bluetooth connection issues once or twice an hour, or so. But only for a split second each time and never to the point that my headphones lose connectivity completely.
When you say it shuts off, are you no longer able to connect to a Bluetooth device, or can’t you even switch it back on? :thinking:

If your problem is related to hardware / firmware / drivers, switching to a different OS won’t change much necessarily. Sometimes it’s the other way round even, I’m running a custom ROM, and it took several months for a standard Bluetooth feature to get enabled again.

Maybe have a look at the discussion in this topic for things you could try.

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Hi @hirnsushi, thanks for the response!

The Bluetooth turns off and then on again. The phone disconnects from the Bluetooth device and then reconnects.

Here is a screencast of the whole thing happening:

Oh, Bluetooth actually turning off completely, haven’t seen that before :thinking:
Even if I connect my headphones and walk out of range, Bluetooth stays on the whole time.

I would press support a bit harder for a fix, this could be a hardware issue or at the very least related to the firmware. Could be caused by interference as well.
You are connected to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network, but since it’s eduroam, I suspect you might be in a relatively noisy enviroment, when it comes to wireless signals, right? There could be some 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks around, that might interfere with your connection, or just a lot of other Bluetooth devices.

Do you have those issues in lesser populated areas as well, like a park for example?


Thanks for the response!
I thought about that too. But this issue occurs everywhere I go. In populated areas in the city, in my apartment, in small villages, in the forest etc.
This problem also occurs when I don’t have any Bluetooth device connected.
The customer support hasn’t responded to me in three weeks. I already pinged them twice :frowning:

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Yeah, it’s been like that for a while, they are completey overwhelmed with support requests.
Try calling, that usually speeds things up.

In the meantime, try to narrow down the problem. I’d start by enabling :airplane: mode for a while, to see if the problem persists, then either Wi-Fi or cellular. If possible reset your headphones to factory settings.


I have also experienced bluetooth problems. Not switching off, but reception/audio quality problems. I was also thinking of interference problems, but they persist after going to a quite area. They are gone now for a day after a reboot of the phone.