Slow Bluetooth performance

Hi all

Recently I bought a fairphone 4 and for some reason the bluetooth performance with the oura ring 3 is very poor. It takes very long to transfer the sleep data (some cases 4 minutes or more) in the morning, and in some cases I just give up, and eventually the sync takes place in the background.

Not sure why this is, my previous phone (iPhone x) also had Bluetooth 5 and the sync was way more stable and faster, mostly done within 30sec or so.

Can this be because of a power limitation? Maybe something that can be mitigate with the dev options?


it looks like this issue only (so far) occurs with the oura ring, and not for example with the garmin venu2 plus.

Hi @Barbervdh,
I did some reading and could not find any real tech specs on the website for that device except some typical marketing stuff

What you could try is to access the developer settings (go to settings > about phone > scroll all the way down to build number and tap that multiple times. You should the see the message: You are now developer

Go back to settings > system > advanced > developer options. Scroll a bit down until you see the contents of my screenshot.

First thing I would test is “enable Gabeldorsche”. This is a new Bluetooth Stack which will be default in Android 13.

AVCRP is more for remote controls

MAP is for message access, which I think is not the right choice here as well.

Test Gabeldorsche and let us know. Maybe someone else has some other ideas, but I think if this does not help, you need to ask support :frowning:


thx for the suggestion i’ve updated the Gabeldorsche setting, will let you know after the morning sync how it went

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the sync was a lot faster this morning, looks like you are on the right path :blush:
i will test it again tomorrow morning to make sure it was not a one off.

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This sounds promising. It looks like a Bluetooth Standard / Protocol issue or some issue in proper negotiation. Since I don’t know how FP implemented the stack I guess it is best to check with them again via Support nevertheless of our outcome here. Maybe it affects more devices as well.


unfortunately it seems the issue is not solved, the sync this morning took more than 5 Minutes :frowning:

Then I guess it is time to contact support and ask for further troubleshooting. I don’t know if pulling a logcat will help. What would be nice to know: what happens at communication between Phone and Health Device.

Indeed that would be nice to see, not sure how to do that, bit i will give it a go.
Also reported the issue to Oura.

I had an issue connecting to a smart scale in bluetooth using my FP3. By playing with the settings you mentioned I was able to make it work :slight_smile:
In my case, I had to change AVRCP version to 1.6 (I did not enable Gabeldorsche).

Thanks a lot for this tip !


Thx for the tip, ignored this at first because it seems to be for audio only, but but i will certainly give this a try.

Looks like there is no harm in switching to 1.6.