Bluetooth: impossible to connect a FP2 with a FP4

bluetooth: I have been trying and trying to connect a FP2 with a FP4 via bkuetooth – absolutely impossible, both connect at first sight, but then within a second refuse to stay connected. Why? What am I doing wrong? With other devices than the FP2 I do not have this problem.

FP2 with FOOS Android 10.

Can you elaborate on what you expect from this connection? Is this for data exchange or which services are you trying to connect exactly?

USB Tethering, but I do not get that far with the FP2. The SIM is in FP4. With other devices like the Cosmo it works.

Into the wild:
Maybe Settings > System > Maintenance > Advanced Hardware … > Bluetooth Low Energy makes a difference?

Thanks, Urs. I’ve seen that here in the forum and activated it. But it does not make any difference, unfortunately.

All I can state, BT connection between FP2 & FP4 for data transfer worked for me. But I have /e/ OS on FP4.
Tethering I could not get to work so far. Well using it with my FP2 providing the network for e.g. my notebook works well.
But getting my FP4 connecting to the FP2 network did not work so far. I believe to recall that I also tried this with stock Android 11 with no success before flashing my FP4 with /e/.

So it works with FP4 to Cosmo but not FP2 with Cosmo?

Thanks, Patrick! I also have e/os/ on the FP4 and I managed to make the Tethering via bluetooth work with the Cosmo (planet computers).

I guess I stay with hotspot.

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