Bluetooth i not Working in Mercedes Benz C-Class since the last two updates

all together, i was searching for a solution in the community because Fairphone SUPPORT does NOT ANSWER!! Since the last two updates the bluetooth connection with my Car is not working anymore, it is possible to Connect, but while connection it interrups.
the biggest problem is that i can not use it for telephone calls while driving ;-(
a minor problem is that i can not Hear Music anymore.
the third Problem is that i send three or four times a support request and i did´t get a word from the support. i think this is the last Fairphone i´ve bought i´m very unpleased with this situation. the number is: #108506. but no support, then there is no difference to Apple, or others, they also have no support, but their Phone are working properly. i´m barely disappointed, everything starts with the FP2. FP1 was with Root access which is still not officially available and with Bluetooth functions. so, please answer to me, help me, call me, what ever GET IN CONTACT…

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