After update 1.3.6: Bluetooth profile problem


Just after the 1.3.6 update, my phone won’t connect to my car (Cirtoen DS3) with phone profile (The music streaming work).

I try to unpair & re-pair the phone but it not work even after a reboot of the phone.

I try with a Nexus 4 and a nexus 5 on android 6.0 it works well.

Have you some ideas to resolve it ? is it a bug of the update ?

Did it work well before the update?

Yes it works well.

Now after try to re-pair the car warned me with a message like “phone profile cannot connect” but i can still play music , the “media profile” work

I know that with this update other bluetooth problems got fixed so changes were made… Maybe it helps if you delete your car audio from the pairing list of your FP2 and, if possible, your FP2 from the list of known devices of your car audio, so no old information can interfere.

That’s what I did, i delete the phone on the car & the car on the phone

Is it OK if I change the title of this topic to something like “After update 1.3.6: Bluetooth profile problem” or something like that, just in case it’s a new bug und you are the first to discover it?

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Yep, if that help to resolve the issue :smiley:

I don’t know if it helps, but if other people have the same issue and find the topic, it’s more probable.
As a workaround, I guess you could uninstall the update, if this function is very important to you…

There is a gear symbol behind every entry in the list of paired devices. If you open the one beside your car you can see some additional bluetooth options. Maybe there is something useful?

Yep i also try to disable & re-enable the “phone profil” but it not works too

Yes, the very same problem with me, also with the DS3. I even made a new topic, not knowing about this one.
In my case, I have the FP2 since one week and one of the first things I did was install the update. How can I uninstall?

i have the same problem with my mercedes and i already start support request, but i get NO ANSWER since today… Unbelievable - i think last Fairphone for me i´m very frustrated because nobody helps even Fairphone support not…i created a new topic because i saw that there are more topics on this Bluetooth. Operator: PLEASE contact the support internally it is unbelievable that i get no Answer! i tried to erase the phone from the car, reconnect, erase etc… reboot etc… no effect, so please do not think that i´ tried not all “normal” options. a Phone without help is easier to get from Apple or samsung or what ever, i never thought that this could happen at Fairphone.

all together, i was searching for a solution in the community because Fairphone SUPPORT does NOT ANSWER!! Since the last two updates the bluetooth connection with my Car is not working anymore, it is possible to Connect, but while connection it interrups.
the biggest problem is that i can not use it for telephone calls while driving ;-(
a minor problem is that i can not Hear Music anymore.
the third Problem is that i send three or four times a support request and i did´t get a word from the support. i think this is the last Fairphone i´ve bought i´m very unpleased with this situation. the number is: #108506. but no support, then there is no difference to Apple, or others, they also have no support, but their Phone are working properly. i´m barely disappointed, everything starts with the FP2. FP1 was with Root access which is still not officially available and with Bluetooth functions. so, please answer to me, help me, call me, what ever GET IN CONTACT…

Why don’t you write to support?

because support does´t answer it is written in big letters ;-)))

i also add the support number…

i´m again disappointed - now also from operators of the forum, sorry but…

Please place a message in the thread Support request not answered yet including your ticketnumber.

I finally gave them a call by telephone (Mon & Tues 10:30 - 18:30 and Wed-Fri 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400). That resulted in this e-mail:

The issue you mention should have been fixed with a previous software update, namely Fairphone 2 OS 1.3.6.
But it seems that you are still experiencing some troubles after the
update with your car. Can you maybe try to go to Settings > Sounds
& Notifications > Privacy Impact > Untick the box. Then
restart your phone and see if your device can be correctly paired.
If not, this is something we are not able to solve for now. Further
software updates will improve this situation, but if there is an
incompatibility between your car and the Fairphone 2, we don’t have a
short-time solution.
Nevertheless, the fact that you mention that
the FP1 is working correctly and the FP2 is detected, allow us to think
that a further update might solve the issue.

I tested the Privacy setting, but 1) it was already unchecked, and 2) checking/unchecking didn’t help.
I am also considering to ‘return’ my Fairphone and buy another one. Bluetooth/Car is essential/crucial/musthave. Failing bluetooth/car is a NOGO.

Hi Thanx, for the nice try, but it worked properly before the (Up)- downgrade well, after the last two updates it toggles, connected disconnected, connected, etc… also with your hint rebooting, reconnect / paring etc. all combinations, sea behavior. But thank you for caring :wink: