Bluetooth connection between ff3 and Corolla 2020

How can I connect my fairphone 3 with the my corolla 2020 via Bluetooth? The car identify the phone, but the result is that is says that it does not support the phone…

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Please check this thread about Ford Sync, where there were problems as well.

And this post where an answer from a fairphone employee was given.

And if you speak german there is a thread in German as well

I know it’s not the same car, but there were problems with Skoda as well, and perhaps others.


A working solution - or so it seems - is, to switch the OS to /e/.

But you might want to check the threads on /e/ before switching (just for connecting to the car :wink: )


Please try pairing the phone with the car while the phone is connected with the USB charger. I had issues in the beginning to pair when the phone was trying to optimize battery life. Having the phone in “charging” mode, resolved the pairing issue for me. After the initial pairing, you don’t need to keep the phone attached to the charging cable anymore.

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