Bluetooth car telephone book

Hi. I can connect my FP to my car phone via bluetooth. Works ok. I can phone handsfree
BUT the telehone book or contact list is not transferred to my car phone. Meaning: when I am phoning someone I have to use the FP contact list. Previously I was able to make that chose via the carphone system.
Someone has an idea what I am doing wrong? Or what to do?
Thanks in advance

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As stated, there are some issues known with Bluetooth and cars, and I think it would be best to contact support about this and tell them your specific problem and the car/media system you are having troubles with.

Francisco, I just got a car with a multimediasystem (a Renault using R-Link) and experience the same problem as you described, I.e. bluetooth works fine except for the phonebook. I was wondering if meanwhile you (or the support team) found a solution for your problem.

Yes indeed I found the solution. In the FP1 I copied all the contacts to a file “telephone” and on the car-device in “phone” mode, I had to go to “setup phone” and “download telephonebook”.
At least I have the contacts. What still doesn’t work is last calls, missed calls and recent calls.

Hope I could help you with this.

Thank you Francisco. Unfortunately it doesn’t really help me. The car system indicated it could not read from the sim-card so the contact list had to be on the telephone. I did put it there from the start but the car system still does not see it. I will browse a bit further on the forum or else contact the support team.


I meanwhile contacted the Fairphone support team but that didn’t really help. Their advice was to contact Renault. I went to my dealer, and tried the handsfree system with a simple Samsung smartphone. The contact list showed up immediately after pairing. With the FP1 I can accept phone calls, but the contact list stays empty, even though the contacts are on the phone itself. I give up…