Bluetooth car conflict with google maps

Hi, My google maps does not give vocal directions while my car is running, unless I turn the phones bluetooth off. If I have the bluetooth on and set the cars stereo to ‘bluetooth’ (as an input method, as opposed to fm, aux, cd etc) the google vocals come through the cars stereo garbled/rapid/incoherant and mixed with the music that is on the phone (also garbled/rapid/incoherant), If the car stereo is not set to bluetooth, then no sound comes from the google maps app/phone

so for now… I have the phones bluetooth turned off, but I would like it to stay on

Could you tell us, which car you use?

PS.: I’ll also move this to the Fairphone Help! category because it is not related to Fairphone’s software.

I know the fairphone team are looking at Bluetooth in general for the next software update so yes I think details about your car would be helpful :slight_smile:

thank you both :smile:

2012 mazda 3. I do not have access to another vehicle with bluetooth to check it against, so no idea if it is the car, the phone, settings or software.