Bluetooth audio bug on Android 12

Hi and welcome, did you read above to check if you are hit by the here named bug? If not I would suggest to do so.

High Yvmuell, thank you for your answer. And: yes, I ready Most of it - and I think, it is the announced bug. The ways of solving it (reconnecting, checking for updates (all up to date) did not help. Comment: the new headphones work well with my wife’s Samsung.
Conclision: the bug seems not to be fixed yet.
Is a fix expected??

Thats still the status quo

I expect a fix however no one knows when it will come

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Hey Yvonne, thanks for your answer! The Sennheiser-earphones use aptX HD which is also switched on in the app, the buildnumber is FP4.SP28.B.065.20230420. So it should work, but it doesn’t… I think, I will give Up and change the phones with my wife’s JBLs. And put the experience on the FP-negative-list.

Hello everyone,

We are aware that the issues related to aptX were only partially resolved with a previous software update. I’m happy to share that our Software Team has prepared a fix for the remaining 2 variants of aptX, and that it will likely be included in the July update.

I’ll let you know when the timing is more concrete.


Thats make me happy <3 !

Thank You!

I’m having this problem too. On fairphone4, with Android 12. But my speaker/zmplifier doesn’t seem to have settings to enable /disable this aptX (or whatever). It’s a fairly recent Panasonic device but Bluetooth setting seems to be just on/of, in a series of ‘cycle through different input devices’.

Can there be a workaround for less technically educated people, or for those with simple devices?

I didn’t recycle the old phone - yet - and at home Wi-Fi will work for that Samsung device. But it has to be replaced, and I don’t want to give up this FP 4.

Please, Fairphone?

Update : found out this Panasonic cd/tuner/amplifier should support Bluetooth 4.2 and SBC.

Now I suppose I will need official FP support, as I can’t expect the user forum to solve this.
FP build is FP4.SP29.B.069.20230510
Thank you all for those tips thus far.

I’m not Fairphone nor do I have this issue so cant tell you anything beside the Screenshots/instructions in this topic. When the workarounds are too complicated wait a few days the next update might come soon and solve this.

The beta from about a week ago says aptx got fixed. And a few people have confirmed it.


No, you just have to disable “HD audio” in the bluetooth settings when the headphones are connected. Then it works and the device will also remember that.

With a future Android update for the Fairphone 4 you may give it try to turn on HD audio again to see if it got fixed. With LineageOS 20 AptX works also with Fairphone 4, so it is possible and just a software issue.

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Hey Arno, unbelievable, it works! Obviously, the trick was to change it in the bluetooth -settings and not in the Sennheiser-app. Thank you so much for the hint (the sound of the Sennheisers is a lot better than the JBLs…)!

Thanks for the feedback, good to hear that it works for you now.

Just for the records: the problem is caused by Android 12 and is not specific to the Fairphone 4. Other devices were also affected by this issue. Android itself it already got fixed (that’s why LineageOS 20 which is based on Android 13 does not have this problem) and I believe it’s just a matter of time until AptX is also usable with the original Android-Version on Fairphone 4 as well.

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I bring good news!

The June update was delayed a bit but it’s right around the corner now and it will include a fix for the incomplete AptX support. Stay tuned for the update announcement and release notes.


Great News :blush: , it makes me happy :).

The June update was just pushed out and you should receive it shortly. It’s almost 500 MB so you have time to charge your headphones while you wait :wink:
As always, customers of some operators may receive it with a delay.


My FP4 are connected to my charger :). Thx @Yasen_Tomov <3

I can confirm, aptX is working with the update B.079


That sounds awesome :slight_smile:

In the literal sense of these words :wink:

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AptX adaptive working as well (B&W Pi7 S2). That’s great news.

A bit sad, though, that it took four months or so to get that big fixed.