Blue screen all of a sudden

Hi folks,

While chatting around and typing, my FP2 has died all of a sudden. The only thing the display shows from there on is a blue screen:


It lasts for about ten seconds when the device tries to reboot, then turns to black for a few seconds, and turns to blue again. No Fairphone and Android logo at all. For every time the display gets blue, the phone vibrates as it does when it boots.

What I did was disassembling, cleaning contacts a.s.o., and assembling again. Recovery mode does not work either. Fortunately, I have no important data that needs to be saved, so I can do whatever someone hopefully will be advising to do.

Suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance!

BTW, the phone has Lineage OS installed, but since it worked absolutely fine, I do not expect it to be the culprit.

I have called a popular repair shop in Vienna, they believe it was most likely a board (core unit) issue. So, they advised to send the phone directly to Fairphone for repair. Not sure I want to pay more than € 200 for an old phone I bought as used for € 110…

If you are located in or near Vienna, why not ask whether #fairphoneangels could temporarily swap the display module to see whether exchanging the display module would perhaps be enough.


Thank you for your advice, @AnotherElk . I took the chance and carried the phone to another repair shop in Vienna listed in the forum. By tomorrow afternoon, I should know where to continue. I will keep you updated…


I have been informed about the diagnosis: mainboard failure, repair costs € 139. I do not think this might be a good investment, but I am not sure. What does the forum think? Let me know your opinions, thanks in advance.

Further info: This repair is done by exchanging the defective transistors on the mainboard. I have placed an inquiry about the costs for the exchange of the whole mainboard, will get the info tomorrow, then I will make a decision…

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The repair shop guy told me that they do not order new Fairphone mainboards; apparently they do not get such from their reseller, and they have no other source to order from than the common one. So, it is up to me; if I want to have a new core module, I would have to obtain it either directly from Fairphone, or a reseller.

And that seems to be the end of the journey for me. There are two questions, and these can be answered only with no:

  1. Is it worth to spend € 139 for a repair done by exchanging the blown-up transistors, limited warranty (if the same failure should appear again within a couple of months) included? No. The FP2 is known to have a lot of issues, who knows what comes next.

  2. Should I order a FP2 core module for approximately € 220-240 (on Ebay!)? No. This model is legacy, and continuation of Lineage OS is not guaranteed either.

Let me know what you think about the situation and my thoughts about it, I am curious!

You have a hard choice. I don’t know if it’s worth it, I wouldn’t know what to do either honestly. Buy a FP3(+)?

Did you try @AnotherElk’s advice? To go and see the Viennese #fairphoneangels?
According to their stocks, they still have a core-module. You could ask them and perhaps negotiate.


Thank you, @Alex.A, for your input. Indeed, making a wise decision is difficult. It would be interesting how much this core module, the one that is on stock of the Austrian Fairphoners, costs. I have to think about it…

Actually, that could be an option of course, but I believe that the Fairphone ROM of Android 10 is not that stable, yet, and … well, I do not prefer /e/ for several reasons, but that is another story. I have been very satisfied with the excellent work done by @chrmhoffmann , for which I congratulate and thank him very much! I wished he was contributing to Lineage OS for the FP3, too…

Ask them :wink: Send a mail to vienna @ They might even give it to you :man_shrugging: (ok, it’s pretty much unlikely, but still, you never know)

Otherwise try to buy a FP2 if ever anyone is selling in the #market.

Do you know if the FP2 core module can be ordered at Fairphone directly? The reason why I am asking is that there might be no warranty for the core module that is with the Austrian Fairphoners now, even though it should be a new one.

No, the core-module can’t be ordered from Fairphone directly, it isn’t even available from vireo anymore. The FP2 isn’t far from becoming obsolete.


I have just worked out a dual strategy: I think, I am going to buy another used FP2 and let mine be repaired (by exchanging the defective transistors). The FP2 I have just found is offered for € 150, including a new camera module together with an old one. I hope that the core module is in good shape, although I could bring it to the repair shop and ask them to compare those two, and to decide which mainboard would be “more desirable”. The other modules which might be left afterwards I am going to keep in any case of a possibly malfunctioning module.

Life is a game: You can win, but you can lose, too…

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Exactly what I would have done actually! I got two FP2s that people were giving away (well one I don’t quite have the second one yet), to use for spare parts and back up. Wise choice. And 150€ is a good price. I just hope for you the other phone doesn’t have any issues.

Keep in mind that the core module is with three quarters of all CO2-emmissions the one with the highest enviroment impact:

If the core module can be repaired, I would personally prefer this option.
If not, I’d sell or give away the working modules to a #fairphoneangel :slight_smile:

EDIT: buying another second-hand FP2 is indeed a good decision too :slight_smile:

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It should be in very good condition. If it is not, e.g. if the core module has some cracks which usually indicate that the phone has been bent at some time, I must negotiate a lower price.

@HolosericaCaligo Thanks for your input, too. I honestly must admit that I do not have the time to deal with repairs, so I must find a compromise for almost everything: me, my time, the environment etc. I live outside of Vienna, so “travelling” to the repair shop takes one hour, travelling back another one… I really appreciate every new insight in how to live economically and to save resources, but talking about resources, mine are rather limited currently…


Having a backup can always be a good thing. My backup phone may also be useful for some of my family members when I don’t use it. And I think it’s better to get this phone than it being thrown to the waste!
And although the core-module is 72,6% from the impact, the rest isn’t negligible. 25% is quite much.

Agreed :wink:


Well, one advantage of having two FP2’s is that if a module fails, the one of the other phone can be used instantly to fix the issue.


Yep, I totally agree. My statement was more about buying a new core module. But it isn’t available at resellers anyhow…
And by giving away the working modules you can re-use those modules with ~25% impact :slight_smile:


We should keep in mind that the FP2 is like an “oldtimer car” for which it has become quite difficult to be kept on life support. In regard to the money spent to keep the phone running, I am aware of a “live or die” scenario, at least this is how I would call it…