Block text messages?


sorry if there is already a topic about it, I didn’t find it in this forum or Google : is there a way to block text messages from a specific sender ? I can do it with the “contact” app to block calls, but I didn’t find a way to block text messages. Must I install an app ? And if so, could someone recommend a good one, not to memory consuming for example ?

Thanks a lot !


that is an interesting question. I hat never the problem to block an Message but this article offers several ways to block SMS, including the use of special apps. Maybe it is helpful.



thanks for the reply ! Actually, I am receiving ads by text, and the process to make it stop, by sending the number to my provider, stop don’t seems to work… I wasn’t a big fan of using third party apps for my messages, but I authorized Hangout to manage my SMS, as it allow to block SMS natively. Looking forward to an open source app to manage text messages, like k9 Mail, though !

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Hi! I use Paranoid Sms Blocker available on F-Droid.
It works very well, blocking all SMSes coming from contacts not in my contactslist; initially I found a bit disturbing it blocking SMSes coming from my bank or my phone operator, which come with a sender string instead of a phone number I can add to my contacts, but you can put the particular sender on a white list and the app won’t stop them anymore.
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