Blank Screen and then unable to gain any responce

Hi - I"ve been moving my life over to my new phone for about three weeks.
today the screen went blank and the little light was on, but I got no reponsce. when i pluged in the charger again (as it had just receiving a top up) i got not responce on the screen…even after leaving it a while, but i think the light went green… when i called the phone it rang on the line but not out on the phone. It was warm to touch.
I read a blog but which said take the battery in and out - which i did. stilll a blank screan but now no power light at all even when pluged into charge?! and when called no ring tone on the calling phone jsut after a few moments it goes to answer machine. Taking the case off and holding down the button doesn’t turn it on.
Prior to going off, gamil was lost - but I think this was because I had just reached my data limit. But things were being stated as unavailable or something.
It was running on the most recent systems it had no updates due and I had not droped it, got it wet or damaged it in anyway. I had been really enjoying it as my old phone was not a functioning smart phone as I’d had it for 4 years.
Please help… i think it needs to come back to you?

Take the battery out, leave it like this for a few hours. Then reassemble the phone and try to start it.

The incident with downtime of your FP2 phone - complete unavailibility - is unfortunately not a singular accident or incident. It may not be critical. Many people repair such incidents by simply disassemble and reassemble their phone. This revolutionary new principle of the FP2-design is not really tested for thousands of customers and not for longer than a few months. The problem with downtime of FP2 is reported here on forum repeatedly with varying and different appearance. You may search the forum for similiar postings. Therefor please open a ticket for the FP2- support personal on and copy your incident description from here right away into your ticket. Then don’t wait for an answer from the support team because it may take several weeks which is not appropriate to your ticket incident type. Therefor take another phone and call the support number of FP2 support team:

“Call us: Mon & Tues 10:30 - 18:30 and Wed-Fri 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400.” (FP - Support web site)

Please try repeatedly even on several days because the FP2 support team is overstrained and has a huge backlog. When you get FP2 support on the phone you should refer to your already opened ticket number then you don’t have to tell all again in detail. The FP2 team is a professional one. They read fast and quick and give you an immediate good diagnosis that you will find later in your ticket case.

I want to prepare a wiki seb site (" Downtime, what it is and how we can make stop it") here on this forum where I collect all the cases that are rather downtimes than any kind of bugs. One reason is the overstrained support team that suffer from too few support personal at FP Inc. for several months now. It may change due to a fast expanding company but at the moment I can see no announcement to extend personal stuff at FP2 support team.

Many people call this a normal situation with a small company like FP Inc. But I can’t help to assess that for
an expensive phone an appropriate support should also be part of a fair customer relationsship.


Please don’t contact support without trying a few things first. As @anon9505190 sais support is swamped and it takes them a long time to reply, so it helps no one if they reply to your request weeks from now when your issue was long solved by the forum. If we can’t solve it that contacting support is the logical next step, but please give us a chance first.

@anon9505190 you can suggest support to investigate downtime when they have the time for it, but telling everybody whose issues can presumably be solved by the forum to contact support only increases the backlog and therefore your precious downtimes.

@sadie When you say “blank screen” I assume you are talking about a black screen or do you still see something on the screen (like e.g. the status bar)?
What lidwien suggests is called a battery reset, that’s a good idea. While you got your battery out you could also try to remove the screen and clean it carefully. If you have troubles removing the screen there are some tips here. If could be your screen simply lost connection to the phone.

We have a few topics about #blackscreen. You could also check if you find a solution in one of them.

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@paulakreuzer: I am not sure that you take downtimes of FP2 devices seriously enough.
If you want to show this then I want you to better change the topic headline “Downtime - what it is and how to make it stop” .
Please edit your own misunderstanding of this topic line into
"Downtime and unavailibility of FP2 - criteria before contacting FP support"
Feel free to tell me when I can edit this topic headline on my own if you don’t want to

thanks in advance

You’re right. I’m not taking the matter of counting minutes of downtime serious. I believe the small FP team has better things to do.
Fell free to change the title of the downtime topic to whatever you like and please keep the discussion there.

Hi Will try @anon9505190 suggestion to remove battery for 3 hours?! but this seems odd when the phone is now off with no life anyway.
the Blank screen was a completely black blank screen with no image at all (and is still because as FP2 won’t turn on)
removing the screen because it might be dirty…it is unlikely to be as I have had the phone only for around 3 ish weeks of use?! I am not that confident at taking it apart… but will try, I am fearful I will invalidate the warranty by user fault!
Not sure what you mean by downtime? it simply isn’t working and before it went off soft wear operating systems were reporting failing?
Will look at link video on how to take apart tonight.
Thanks will keep you posted.

The FP2 was specifically designed to be opened, so you will certainly not lose warranty by taking apart the modules. Don’t worry :slight_smile:

Actually you can find tutorials on the FP homepage, on how to disassemble and reassemble the phone:

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thanks for nothing :wink: because @Lidwien is the woman with the battery advice. Me I am the guy with the downtime issue. For statistical studies I would like to ask you later how long time in period your phone didnot work for you. Maybe you also like the idea to notice tonight the starting point in time when start to learn all about disassemble your phone. But … if after reassemble your phone starts working again it you may cancel your timing notice. Then you don’t have had downtime but instead I call that more simple a small outtage (like kind of power outtage) . If reassemble doesnot help and you think again about FP support contact then I would like to collect all your repair times (also from more users) including the waiting time until you get in contact with the FP support.

If you think this makes no sense then you may as well forget it, no problem

Thanks for the confidance boost - managed to take the camera speaker and head phone units off. But still no responce from the phone…

HI checked out all the blackscreen bits but no action on the phone it is like it is dead - no light no repsonce. Taken apart and put back together again… i didn’t take the sim reading card component out because screws didn’t look like they worked. I have spent about 2 hours on this now and i haven’t done anything wrong, it is going back, I have spent enough time and money on it for fairphone to deal with it. They will then get one chance to repair it - sorry but i believe in ethics but i don’t want an unrealiable phone!
Any body know the address to send it to… I’ve had a look around the website but not confident - is it the return address on the box it was sent in (Rhenus Advanced Service - Ekkersrijt 2060A, 5692 BA…)?
Thanks for the help so far

To return the phone contact support and post your request number here if you want to speed up the process. Or call them.

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