Black screen (of death) after unlocking FP

Hi all, i have a serious problem with FP1.
The FP worked fine but in the last month I got more and more the problem that I have a ‘black screen’ after switching on the phone. This means: backlight switches on, nothing on the screen but touch is responding (I can enter my unlock pattern).
This happened from time to time if internet connection was active when screen locked.
In the last days it became too often - even if no internet was active (WLAN and data connection off).
I suspected a busy app and executed a hard reset (How to perform a “hard reset” on my Fairphone?) and now even installed the new Kola Nut 1.8.5 without activating google apps.

All this did not help - the error remains and now it happens after two or three unlocks and it also happens after using the phone for one minute or so.

Any ideas - or do I have to contact the repair center?

You should contact customer support

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The other replies are right, of course: this sounds like a case for the support team. But if you’ve got someone around who knows his/her way around Android, or you have some time on your hands, you could also try the and learn to debug via adb - the android debug bridge.

I haven’t found the time to dive into that, and even don’t know how to find my log cat (err, sorry, logcat) but I gather that some people around the forum have some experience with that. Maybe @HackAR, @Techaddict or @Johannes_Rohr can help you with that?

Could be a complete misslead (sorry if so), but do you participate in facebook beta?

I think I was having the same in the last week , my description is a bit different… The screen seems to go black on the normal timeout, but pressing the unlock button keep hung in black for ~min than I have the code, and than it’s black again for another min.

I recall that couple days before that ,my phone spontaneously crashed and rebooted while browsing facbook

Don’t know if that’s all makes any sense with your case…

I’m not unexperienced regarding work with debuggers - so debugging would be an option. But what is the biggest enemy of a software developer? Right - an error that occurs from time to time only. Today my phone worked the whole day - then failed in the evening. How to debug?

Another problem is that I read in a forum thread somewhere that this kind of error could be related to encrypted background communication in standby. This sounds reasonable as encryption is often computed using the gpu - so this could be the link that the graphics is affected. But this is really weird stuff…

so no debugging.

No my problem is not related to facebook - I never used it.
And I already removed ALL apps - so I already got in contact with the support team.

But thanx for your idea.

@wipfl please post back if you could solve this issue with the help of the support team, so we know how to deal with similiar problems in the future. :smile:

It took a while - but now the FP service checked the device and repaired it.
So it was a hardware issue.