Black screen nu incoming calls

My screen ( fp3) remains black with incoming calls. Cant take the call.
When phone is on, alsof no name or number showing, only the ringtone .
Strange thing is , problem not always happening .

Hi @Linde Welcome to the forum

One thing come to mind.

With no screen display do you battery saver on so that it doesn’t notify you when the battery is below 40% for example.
Settings > Battery > Battery saver > ON/OFF

Another thing worth looking at is Settings > Apps and notifications > SEE ALL ##APPS > Phone > Notifications > Incoming calls > Advanced > Override Do Not Disturb > ON

My screen doesn’t remain black when it receives an incoming call, but it does stay black after it starts ringing for noticeably longer than it used to for some reason…

Thanks for the advice. I checked what you suggested nut unfortunately the problem is still there…

A couple of things
a) you could start in safe mode. This will disable any apps you have installed and delete their settings, so the apps will be there when you start ‘normally’ but some settings may have to be tweaked.
b) you could do a factory reset which will not only remove any custom apps but also delete any media/docs etc that you have not stored on an SD card that was formatted as portable.

Ensure you have the latest update as if you cannot find a solution via help here, you may want to contact official support ~at~ fairphone . . . . com

Official page for Safe Mode ~ FP3

Are the following settings enabled? …

  • Settings - Apps and notifications - Phone - Advanced - Display over other apps
  • Settings - Apps and notifications - Phone - Notifications - Show notifications

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