Black Screen from boot on

Hi everyone,

I bought a used core module (maybe defective one) to test other OSs and don’t have to use my daily in use FP2 for this. Hoped I can get it working again but now struggling.

With this core module the display stays black when powering on. I can enter the recovery and fastboot mode and connection from PC works just fine. But no matter what I do, the screen stays black. I already tried do clean the contacts, but need to get some isopropyl.

In case the core module doesn’t get along with my new screen, I flashed FPOS 19.08.1 manually, but nothing changed.

I checked the core module for other problems and found, that one pin is broken.

Is it possible, that this pin is the problem? Any other things I can try besides cleaning the contacts?

Hi, I seem to have managed to get around the #blackscreen issue by (similar to the suggestion for the loose battery) squeezing some paper between the back cover and the mainframe, in the area of the display connector (left to the battery). Maybe this can be added to the #blackscreenguide @paulakreuzer?

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