Black screen and shutting down

Hi, increasingly in the past few weeks I’m struggling to get my phone working from the black screen. Sometimes it will light up first go, sometimes it takes a couple taps of the power button. Other times I have to remove battery. The phone is on as the LED indicates a message.

Also, my phone is regularly restarting when I am proforming a task such as using an app or beginning to make a call. I’m not convinced it is a proper restart as it only takes a moment or two.

Please don’t tell me that my phone is dying :cry:

Your power button may be dying.
But it seems to be repairable.

I have the exact same problem. First I thought it was the battery (since it was over a 2,5 years old) so I bought a new one. However, the problem stayed.

@YtvwlD I guess the frequent restart does not have anything to do with a dying power button?

Does anybody know what is causing (and even more important, how to solve) it?

What do you base your guess on? :wink: If the power button is stuck, it can lead to a restart (similar to when you press and hold your power button for over 10 seconds.

Mainly because the startup time is much shorter and I don’t have to enter my SIMcode (in contrast to a restart by using the power button) :wink:

That’s exactly like mine Yofaka, just a quick reboot of a few seconds.
I did remove all my photos and videos a couple days ago as I’ve been noticing the overall performance of the phone seems to be lagging and I haven’t noticed it doing it (however I rarely use my phone). I hope that is the solution.

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It didn’t fix it :frowning:

I have the same problem!!

I had these micro restarts for a while a couple of years ago, turned out to be misbehaving app. When I do get them now, it’s usually after my phone has been on for more than a couple of months, restarting usually helps. My guess is that they’re triggered when the system runs out of memory (not storage, but RAM).
A lot of apps will run services in the background even when the main app hasn’t been started, and these services don’t show up in the running apps list. If the phone feels slower, review the apps you have installed and remove the ones you don’t need - this can sometimes help. Alternatively, start the phone in safe mode (though this has been reported to unlink certain accounts from the phone) to see whether performance is better - if it is, the problem is linked to an installed app. The more extreme option is performing a factory reset (which will delete all the data and all the apps), and adding back only the apps you actually use.

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I’ve deleted the Facebook app on my phone. While the reboots did not always happen using the app, it and watsapp are the only two apps I regularly use. It hasn’t solved the problems with getting the phone to work from the black screen, I have not noticed it rebooting.

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I have the same issue and it’s really getting on my nerves! I’m doing nothing with my phone but when I want to turn it on I have to wait until it wants to, which often takes minutes and then often it seems to have rebooted itself. When I start Facebook it reboots itself 80% of the time. I did a hard reset on my phone about a month ago because of different issues and it doesn’t seem to have helped.
My whatsapp has also taken to restarting itself = reloading messages, meaning I loose all the messages from the past days or weeks.

What can we do?

You obviously suffer from this issue:

You’ll have to uninstall the official facebook app and use an alternative. There are some recommendations in that thread.

Haha! Sounds like I have a disease :grin: I’ll try this and keep you updated!

Hello peeps.

Any updates on this issue?


If you describe your issue we may be able to help you.
But first you may check out the #blackscreenguide to see if there isn’t already a fix for issue. (Sorry my bad, sometimes I still confuse FP1 and FP2 topics since the colors changed)

Thanks Paul.

I’m having the same issue as th OP. Didn’t think it had been resolved.
I have an FP1U, the link takes me to FP2 advice.


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