Random reboots and blackscreens during call

Hi I have the exact same problem, and only got my phone a month ago. Rather than a stuck power button it seems the operating system crashes as the screen freezes a few seconds before it restarts. Also had a few times where the screen would stay black preventing to hang up a call.

Has there been any advise from FF on this? I did not see any in the thread


Are you sure you have a FP1?


If not please check out the #blackscreenguide.

I have got a FP1U, does that make a difference?

No, I’m just saying that it’s unlikely that @Jimi_Oostrum has a FP1. He says:

only got my phone a month ago

Hi Stefan, I think you are right, it only says Fairphone so I assumed it was the original model, but probably is a FP2. Any advise on the rebooting issue?

For random reboots on the FP2 continue here.

The blackscreens during phonecalls you can fix with the proximity sensor tool in Settings > Maintenance.

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