Black screen after OS update

A week ago we hade a skyfall, loads of rain, and my fp3 got very wet. But instead of hiding it well and turn it off I only put it in the pocket of the raincoat.
It functioned when I got home except for no sound from the week speaker, but whith headset it funktioned as should. While I waited for a call later I began updating an OS update that hade been waiting for some days… That whent on but I hade to put it on charge and when the data was downloaded it kame a gray frame with some text I didn’t get to read before I (assumingly) tuched the screen and it dissapeared. I restarted the phone, but now it just got all black. The only thing telling me anything at all was the diod that either was off or light up. But nothing happend when I pressed the power button after breaking the charging. Reconected the charger and it vibrated some when pressing the power button. But nothing more happend. No vibrating when unplugged pressing the power button.
Is there someting anyone would sugest trying first of all, like a new battery or a new screen, or is it most likely destryed completely by short circuit from rainwater?

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Sadly you could have read up, and still can on what to do with a wet phone

For example:

BAD MOVE: Putting in rice :scream:

  • First is too remove the display module and dry the phone in flowing air for 24 hours
  • Clearly you should not be using the phone. If you think the battery has shorted it’s a fire hazard.
  • You can check the battery voltage, you want a min of 3.8V
  • The phone will not power on from just power input there has to be a battery

Once the display is removed check for red squares.

Clean all contacts and surfaces with Isopropyl alcohol if they are in any way tarnished

You may want to clean the charging port :slight_smile:

You will have no warranty so don’t worry about a deep dive into the modules.

The actual charging units are on the main core module, so check that is clean

The buttons are on a little strip that can also be cleaned.

If the above doesn’t produce any results you find a fairphone angel near you that can provide a more personal help whom may also have some spare modules yo can try.

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Where in Sweden do I find a new battery for fp3? Elgiganten seems to only have spareparts for fp4.

Why are you only looking at a Swedish seller ?

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would go faster if I could find it in a physical shop

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